The Culture Builder

Years ago one very prominent leader in Washington DC shared with a group of fifteen of us a perspective on the Presidency.

Said he, “The President is a culture builder”.

What he meant by this statement is that the most effective role of the president is to set a certain tone, OR CULTURE, in the nation’s capitol.

Ronald Reagan set a particular culture of homey confidence that America was functioning well.  His tenure caused rational people to believe that we were safe in an uncertain world.  That’s the culture which he created.

Jimmy Carter set the culture of fundamental goodness of the nation.  Whatever the effectiveness of his policies and executive prowess most civilized people felt that Americans were good folks.  That’s the culture which he created.

Bill Clinton left a culture of moral deficit.  That’s the culture which he created.

Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, Lyndon Johnson, John Kennedy.  Each and every one set a cultural tone for the nation.  For those who are old enough to remember the JFK days a smile comes to your face thinking that in those days America could achieve anything.

Barack Obama is creating a culture of disrespect for honesty and integrity.  As mentioned in other posts, on this site, there is no disputing that this president is a liar that will say anything.  He is deceitful.  That’s the culture which he is creating.The president is a culture builder.  His overt and covert actions speak far more loudly than any and all of his words.  In fact, the very words which he may speak prove his cultural bent.  His tone of voice set the tone of the prevailing cultural tone.

Since Barack’s earliest days as a candidate for federal office he has been a liar deceptive.  He has lived by the philosophy that a candidate and incumbent can “Say Anything”.  That chicken is now coming home to roost.  This president has created a culture where instinctively people disbelieve him and his intentions.  They question his integrity.  That’s the culture which HE created.  He built his own cultural demise.

If this president really wants to change his culture of deception he will do some very simple things.  These issue are pretty much irrelevant in their substance.  But if Barack Obama opened all his birth and education records to scrutiny he would begin to be believable.

That won’t happen.  Because fundamentally Barack Obama is a dishonest person.  As long as he thinks he can “sneak one by” he will try it.  That’s the culture which he created.

I urge all my readers to watch the videos of Barack Obama.  When he spouts off “saying anything” there is no hesitancy.  Yet, when he say “The truth is….” there is always a hesitation as he tries to formulate the right words.  Why?  Because it is hard work for him to tell the truth.  It does not flow naturally from him.

Unless we want this latest culture to become more ingrained it is necessary to balance the federal representation by removing from office, in 2010, those who support perpetuating the Obama culture of “Say Anything”.  We need to then make sure that this president is retired in 2012.

That is the Way I see It.


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