Really? Intimidation? Seriously?

“assistant U.S. Attorney Jeannette Swent said that in representing himself Johnson already was intimidating people.” “Jeremy Johnson used the threat of a deposition subpoena, among other tactics, to threaten and intimidate Devan Partridge and to influence his testimony” Swent said.(Salt Lake Tribune)

From the outset I have said I know little about this issue, beyond what is in the news.  Since then I have become acquainted with Jeremy Johnson via Facebook.  He has given me no information about his case and this writing is exclusively my views, uninfluenced by him in any manner.  That’s my disclaimer, so that an aggressive government does not further seek to deprive or others of their rights because I chose to exercise mine.

But, really, a federal prosecutor saying that use of a person’s specific Constitutional rights is intimidation makes no sense at all.  If anything the Constitution assures every man of numerous rights that are intended to prevent “the government” from placing him at an unfairly disadvantage.

Now, a prosecutor says that a man’s use of his Constitutional rights should be restricted.

This is the same government that in recent months has repeatedly violated every one of the Bill of Rights.  The government has used its “presumed power” to steal individual’s property, without trial.  The government has used its “presumed power” to steal the property of  an individual’s family.  They confiscate cash because someone “might” have committed a crime or might be about to commit such a crime.  The IRS harasses the Tea Party for  the sole purpose of assisting one political campaign over another.  The government uses illegal wiretaps on the press (some “freedom of the press and expression).  The capstone is the judiciary threatens a defendant that they are not allowed to speak about the government’s violation of their rights.

Yet, with all this intrusion and trampling of rights the prosecuting attorney still attempts to stifle Johnson even further.  Is there no end to how far the “powers that be” will go to protect their power over the people?

Really, seriously, talk about intimidation?  If there is an intimidator among us we need only look at the government first.  Not only has intimidation become the default tactic of “those getting a little authority and thinking they may exercise unrighteous dominion”, it has become almost mandatory.

The federal government has squandered the financial resources they have stolen from the people.  They have squandered those resources because they do not respect them because they have not worked for them.  If such frivolous efforts to subvert the rights of the people, as those immaturely expressed by Swent, were restricted…perhaps, just perhaps the federal government would not be a waste land of wasted time and wasted money.


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