Dangerous Curves Ahead

A St. George’s State Senator has offered repeated warnings about the dangers of not having his client serve as the ambulance in this community.

Once he accomplished his personal ambition of destroying a high quality ambulance company in the community he set about boasting of his good deeds.  If only his moral outrage extended to not accepting financial contributions from tobacco interests.  Me thinks the “gentleman” protesteth his innocence too much.

winding road

What was not evident and admitted in his self-serving tirade is that he had broken the speed limit of sound judgment.  Those within the state government agencies that recklessly raced after him failed to see the caution signs.

St. George had an ambulance service with a good driving record, for many years.  Yet, the state senator used his influence to create a financial hazard for the existing company, the community, and the state.

Rather than sticking with a sure ambulance at the top of the cliff a group of power hungry bureaucrats decided the community would be better served with a “well connected” hearse at the bottom.

stop no left turn

This entire stunt resembles the excuses we hear pouring from the leftist Obama White House.  As long as one man’s will is dominant over the rest of society that man thinks all is well, regardless the violence he heaps upon others.  Those that respond to his undue and unjust influence will throw themselves upon their swords in his defense.

The state bureaucratic structure appears to be in chaos.  There appears to be no leadership from elected officials except that which leads back to their private pocket, “Afterall”, says one sate senator “I’m entitled to make a living.”

The state, has become an enemy to the people.  Most citizens reject that idea because the state is controlled by Republican politicians that must be right…not because the are right, but because they don’t cut deals under the banner of the Democrat Party, only under the Republican flag of tainted honor.

The state needs to now be held accountable for tolerating corruption within its elected and appointed ranks.  It has reached the point of destroying private businesses for the sake of lining the pockets of it’s leaders.  Sadly, some people like the state senate president are at the forefront of trying to protect this practice from corrective action.  He and the entire senate should be sanctioning their own member for his influence peddling.  They should immediately insist that a private independent prosecutor be assigned to investigate the state agency for its egregious behavior.

When the government consciously injures any citizen, that government ought to held financially accountable, and the people should be informed as to which public official instigated the government to violate a citizen’s rights for apparent personal gain.


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