Lending Power

Each and every elected official has been lent power by the governed.

It is no different from lending a man shovel.  The lender may dig freely in his own yard.  Thusly, the lendee may use the same shovel to dig freely…in his own yard.  There is nothing implicit in the lending of a shovel that suggest either the lender or the lendee may dig wherever his fancy leads him.  Likewise, the existence of the shovel does not imply that either may throw dirt from the holes they dig onto the property of a different neighbor.

Sadly, many government officials, electors, and the multitude of “neighbors” believe that because such officials have been lent power they have a corresponding right to define that power in a manner that allows them to dig holes wherever they may choose.  Commonly, this theory is known as “The Law”.  Far too often we speaking of the government acting under authority of The Law.

There is a strong tendency among people to have “The law” be the final arbiter of what is right. The law is government, an edict of force. In reality “right” is what should be the final arbiter of what makes good law, good government.

We each arrive upon the realm with a few universal affirmations.  Among them are:

  1. Life
  2. Liberty
  3. Pursuit of peace, harmony, and comfort
  4. Self-defense against violence

Simply to be alive, to breath, is granted every person.  There are no arbitrary barriers to life, except under the consequence of violence.

Thinking, acting, living without the constraint of violence is every person’s right.  Race, creed, color, et al do not create entitlement by one over another.

Whether caveman, cretan, or capitalist every soul is entitled to pursuit peace, harmony and comfort in their lives, absent of violence from others.

Likewise every person, actually every living thing, is entitled to defend themselves against violations of their life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness.

Sadly, throughout history, mankind has seldom evaded violence.  Lives have been taken.  Liberty has been abridged. The pursuit of peace, harmony, and comfort has been unfruitful as it has been trampled.

Governments have risen for the purpose of providing defense against that violence.  Yet, inevitably those government became the most egregious violators.  Once given a little power as they supposed and they always ultimately exercise undue dominion.

When violators of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness impose violence upon others they ought to pay a recompense for their aggression.  That applies equally to government as it does to non-public sanction violators.

Back to the shovel.  When it is lent and then misused, it is not the shovel that is in violation.  It is the man too whom it was lent.  That man, due to his violence, has surrendered a portion of his rights.  He has an obligation to restore that which he violated, if it is possible.

A man, lent power to govern, may misuse that authority.  In doing so he has created a double burden,  First, he has created, by his actions, a burden upon the government to restore that which the government violated.  Secondly, he has demonstrated his own inability to exercise wise judgement as one lent power by the people.  He should thusly be immediately removed from having such power.

Years ago there was a televised movie entitles “An American Harvest”.  When times got difficult for one man he made poor choices and quit his job in anger, because his pursuit of happiness was too hard.  Much later in the season, when it became evident that the job would have yielded the best return for him, he made another decision.  He went back to the man that he had quit on (when the man needed him most) and begged for his job back.  Now, this is what I liked about the conversation.  The man doing the hiring said “The problem with quitting, is that it becomes easier every time.”  He chose not to rehire the person.

The problem with government officials, that rely upon having “The Law” rather than see their profound and sacred duty, is that each time they will rely more and more upon the exercise of power to violate the rights of those who lent them that power.  A society that willingly allows such misuse of power to stand will inevitably find themselves answering to “The Law”, rather than enjoying life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

In St. George we recently witnessed a state senator use violence to destroy others.  We have witnessed repeated egregious acts by the federal government to exercise dominion of a private businessman.  We have seen bureaucrats wielding a sword of violence above the heads of private businesses, rather than raising the shield of safety.

As a result of these behaviors the government should recompense those they have violated.  As a result of these behaviors some elected officials should be removed from office.  They were lent a shovel…and dug their own graves.





One thought on “Lending Power

  1. Well William, we seem to have a very big problem.

    The average man buying milk at the 7-11 is impotent in many respects to do anything other than observe and speak truth. Most of us fall into that category. We have empowered people to “act” on our behalf and unfortunately most of those who have been empowered are not willing to do the difficult task of cleaning the swamp.

    Through the collective power of the Tea Party we have raised up a handful of honorable folks who are being hammered by the political parties and media. Until we purge the power of our “Pravda-esk” media we will continue to have a suppressed electorate.

    I read this morning that the libera media experienced a terrible “ratings” last week during the scandal. MSNBC has dropped 27% from the same week last year. Correspondingly, fair and balanced Fox News’ audience is on the increase. I can only hope and pray that America is collectively extracting it’s proverbial head from the sands of mediocrity and questioning their information networks.

    But then, beginning this morning I learned that Yahoo is now sending me a daily news bulletin of information “recommended” for me. How nice! They have observed my electronic habits and tailored my news for my “needs”.

    Watch out !

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