Hidden Agendas

I hope every word I say here is false.  I truly do.  I have never WANTED to be more wrong than I want to be now.

Several days ago a young boy was seriously injured when he accidentally became caught in car window which closed on his throat.  Police, fire, and paramedic professionals responded to the scene.  Fortunately because of their quick actions and training the boy was saved and a full recovery is expected.

They should be applauded.

One of them was not.  According to information which I received the medic was terminated from his employment.  Why?  Apparently because some folks complained because he was driving to fast or something like that to the scene.  Some folks will bawl, and apparently did, because he MIGHT have caused another accident.  I’m not impressed with whiny “Maybes”.  The boy that was not breathing was saved.  That matters.  That matter a hell of a lot.

A man does what he has been trained to do and he gets fired.  Gee, if that is factual ain’t this a great reaction.

But, setting aside that incident, all we continue to hear about is how corrupt the mayor is because of the animal shelter.  We hear repeated, strictly and solely for political campaign purposes, about how terrible a high quality animal shelter is.

Let’s make sure that the shelter manager gets fired because dogs were euthanized.  Then let’s turn right around and make sure another man is fired for saving a child’s life.  Brilliant.  Just brilliant!

I hope those making political scandal out of dead dogs have the personal fortitude to respond with equal candor about human life.  Personally, I am doubtful.  To quote another William “The evil that men do lives after them, The good is oft interred with their bones,”.  Well, friends, Americans, Countrymen like the “honorable” Brutus some of these men and women will and have placed opportunism ahead of character.

As much as three years ago our “honorable” State Senator in direct opposition to the State’s policy chose to advance his paying customer ahead of a local business, because he was an “honorable” lobbyist.  Transcripts of depositions demonstrate that one of our candidates for mayor was actively involved in those initial meetings.  My personal conversations with others in the City’s governing body strongly suggest that the senator and his accomplice acted beyond the scope of what the city actually agreed to back then.  The manipulation of the State Department of Health to issue a politically influenced license to the current provider…that apparent just fired an employee within hour of saving a child’s life is surely questionable.  But they are “honorable” men.

In a story by one local news source that company was promoted as being responsible for saving the child’s life.  Yet, the bias of that newspaper to support left leaning candidates never mentions that the company terminated the employee that was the one that was on the scene when the child was saved.  But, that is an “honorable” newspaper.  As explained to me they are “working on it” meaning at some point they may run additional stories regarding the employment termination, which I deem to be a highly relevant point.

I have seen written comments by local physicians who concerned about the current provider.  I know that some promises made by the new provider, such as a Standard of Care policy had not been established as recently as a week ago.  I have been informed that some Council members can’t get basic information about operations.  I have been advised that several professional public safety employees have concerns about the company.

Well done senator, well done.  Well done councilman, well done.  In Shakespeare’s play Marc Anthony went on to tell the people that Caesar had intended to distribute coins to all the people, from his conquests.  I believe some coins have been collected from a conquest by at least one elected offical, but none of the benefits have been distributed to the people.  But they are “honorable” men.

We wallow in the mire of an old and solved issue at the animal shelter, even calling for yet another investigation (because the investigation done by the same department that assisted in saving this boy is apparently incompetent in the eyes of some Democrats).  Yet, the media and some advocates for the Democrats keep trying to keep it alive by slaughtering the mayor by innuendo.  Real and serious issues lie scattered about with neither tear, nor hue, nor cry of offense.

Already too many children have traversed close to death for the vanity of political advantage.

Already too many jobs have been lost for the vanity of political advantage.

Neighborhood are left to wonder about their future while silence is kept for the vanity of political advantage.

Already to many serious challenges have been secreted away without response…all for the vanity of political advantage.

Said Cassius

Men at some time are masters of their fates:
The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars,
But in ourselves, that we are underlings.

The challenges for St. George ought not be left to to underlings propped up by political ambition.  For such is not the course of truly “honorable” men.


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