Joe Bowcutt

It is good to see that Joe Bowcutt remains resolute in his intent to speak the truth.

Joe has consistently campaigned with the idea of bringing solutions to problem, not more whining and criticism.  He should be applauded and supported.

Two of the other candidates have consistently, and some say constantly, complained about everything.  Joe Bowcutt has maintained his positive outlook throughout the campaign for St. George City Council.

While a few complainers in the community have tried to make browbeat the community into believing the mayor and others have been mistreating animals, Joe has responded by saying if there are problem let’s correct them.  While some folks have driven the streets of St. George misrepresenting the truth about code enforcement (including Tara Dunn), Joe has said if there are real problems let’s correct them.  While our state senator has cried and thrown temper tantrums because his particular brand of ethics has backfired on him, Joe Bowcutt has rejected the bribes offered by the senator’s employer.  When asked to commit to serve the city of St. George and not use it as a stepping stone to higher office, Joe stepped forward and made that commitment.

Joe has allowed, along with Mayor McArthur and Michele Randall, to let his good character speak for him.  Because that is the approach he has taken many other people volunteer to also speak for his good character…just as they are doing for the mayor and Michele Randall.

Thank you Joe Bowcutt for your good example.


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