Waste in Washington

In the last 48 hours a deal was struck between corrupt Democrats and corrupt Republicans in our nation’s capitol.

The deal was that they would pretend to do something about the government shutdown.  In reality they did nothing except fund their own pet projects.  Evidence is the $2,000,000 gift to Senator McConnell as part of this latest embarrassment by elected officials.  I wonder if our own Orrin Hatch is also getting some freebee at taxpayer expense or whether he simply resorted to his standard of voting for any expansion of federal control over the people.  Afterall that is his addiction.

The media pundits and elected elites in Washington want us to believe this deal was hard fought down to the last minute.

Please don’t be deceived.  The deal reached between some states and the feds to keep national parks open for ten days was in anticipation of the foregone conclusion that this latest failure to do their job would pass.

People, it is time for the population to standup and act.  I know we won’t because we have been trained to believe the Congress and the President will do “something”, but it is still the time for us to act.


One thought on “Waste in Washington

  1. I have been “acting” for four years.

    I welcome any who have just realized we have a problem. Join your local Tea Party, blog, editorialize, speak, let your voice be heard. Better late than never. We need more activists who understand that 17 trillion is not a debt that can be sustained.

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