Defend Dixie Pac report – prepared by Larry Meyers, Chairman

The following is a report on the Defend Dixie PAC, as prepared by Larry Meyers, Chairman.

Summary: The Defend Dixie PAC questioned the St. George City Council candidates and determined that Baca, Bowcutt, and Randall support conservative positions on amnesty, ObamaCare, and the homosexual agenda. Tara Dunn refused to answer the questions, raising the concern that she is hiding her extreme liberal politics.

Based on the candidates’ answers, conservatives are encouraged to vote for any candidate except Tara Dunn, who evaded answering the questions and so appears to be a liberal Democrat.

Details: We asked the four candidates for St. George City Council the following questions:

1. Do you support the anti-discrimination legislation/ordinance that Sen. Urquhart is sponsoring?
2. Do you support changing Utah law to recognize same-sex marriage?
3. Do you support implementation of ObamaCare, or do you think it should be repealed?
4. Do you support amnesty, in any form, for people who have come to, or stayed in, the US in violation of our immigration laws?

Here are their answers:

1. No.
2. No.
3. It should be repealed.
4. No.

1. Not familiar with the legislation.
2. No.
3. It should be repealed.
4. “I do not support blanket amnesty for violators of US immigration laws. Violators need to be actively involved in a program to become citizens or return to their native countries.”

1. Did not answer. She has been supported by Equality Utah, so it is presumed that she supports the Urquhart bill that will force businesses to hire homosexuals and landlords to rent to homosexuals.
2. Did not answer. She has been supported by Equality Utah, so it is presumed that she supports same-sex marriage in Utah.
3. Did not answer. Showing no concern for the local citizens who will be harmed by ObamaCare, she sarcastically stated: “I pledge to repeal Obamacare every single chance I vote on it, if I am elected to City Council.”
4. Did not answer. Apparently does not care that illegal immigration impacts St. George.

1. No.
2. No.
3. It should be repealed.
4. No.

Analysis: Candidates Baca, Bowcutt, and Randall all responded conservatively, with opposition to the homosexual agenda, ObamaCare, and amnesty for illegal aliens.

Candidate Dunn refused to answer the questions. This is alarming because she claims to support “transparency” and “accountability.”

After Dunn provided her initial response (below), she was given several opportunities and two more days to answer the questions and she did not respond.

Here is Dunn’s response, in full:

“Larry, I think at your core, you really are a good governance guy and a truly decent human being. But I think you are maybe missing the mark. We have a 20 year incumbent mayor, a city that violates property rights and constitutional rights, spends money on things the private sec should be doing, and you want to know about my views on Obamacare? Do you feel your efforts have made any significant improvement in our federal government? Right now, there is a chance to really make a difference in our local government, and you would like to see candidates discuss, not municipal issues, but Obamacare. I can tell you that I think partisan politics and our two party system are toxic, and destroying our country. And the Utah one party system isn’t working out well for our state….Swallow, for example. I have always been registered as an independent, and I am the vice chair of the Southern Utah Dems group (not the county party), because you know what I like? ELECTIONS. I would actually like to have two names in every place, on every ballot. I believe in democracy. I just think it is a worthy cause.
I know you are a smart guy, and you know these aren’t municipal issues. Are you perhaps still pissed about the pledge? I pledge to repeal Obamacare every single chance I vote on it, if I am elected to City Council. If you focused your effort on something relevant, maybe we’d all get somewhere in an area we can actually make progress and that is our local government. Do your members have any questions relevant to municipal governing?”

This report was prepared by Larry Meyers, Chairman of the Defend Dixie PAC. Copyright 2013. Permission is granted to republish this report in part or full, so long as no changes are made to the report.


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