Accolades for Senator Mike Lee

Today I received an email from from Brian Phillips, the Communications Director with Senator Mike Lee.  He shared some of the following thoughts being expressed around the country regarding Senator Lee’s role as a Conservative and specifically about the Senator’s address to the heritage Foundation.  It appears Utah has the correct man in the US Senate.

What They’re Saying About Mike Lee’s Reform Agenda

 “America’s crisis of unequal opportunity is the greatest challenge facing the United States today. We need to start developing a new conservative reform agenda that restores equal opportunity to the families and communities from whom it has been unfairly taken.” – Senator Mike Lee

 Read more about the Senator Lee’s conservative reform agenda here.

 Rethinking the GOP Economic Agenda

“Mike Lee, the senator from Utah, gave a speech at the Heritage Foundation last week that demands attention. The takeaway: Candidates need policy ideas that address the concerns of ordinary voters—and they have to campaign, and win, on those ideas… Lee is just one of several Republican politicians rethinking the GOP economic agenda.” – The Weekly Standard

A Credible Alternative

“Sen. Mike Lee, a Utah Republican, said this week that he plans to soon introduce a bill that would give state regulators a new option to either act as accreditors or create their own accreditation systems… [Andrew] Kelly, who is director of the American Enterprise Institute’s Center on Higher Education Reform, said it would create a credible alternative to the existing accreditation system, which the bill would leave intact. Lee’s bill would also bring accreditation closer to the ground level, said Kelly. ‘This is a devolution to the states that want to do this.’” – Inside Higher Ed

Call Mike Lee

“Pro tip for all potential 2016 candidates looking for a tax cut that helps parents, boosts growth, and doesn’t blow up the budget: Give a call to Senator Mike Lee.” – National Review

Rethinking Government’s Role

“Mike Lee and the Republican Opportunity …It’s notable, meanwhile, that Fournier devoted an entire column to the state of Republican policy thinking without mentioning Utah Senator Mike Lee, who has pivoted from leading the shutdown caucus to spending the post-shutdown period delivering some of the best speeches of any leading right-of-center politician in the entire Obama era — the first one on the Republican Party’s policy challenges writ large (you should read this post from Reihan Salam for the details), and the second one on poverty and opportunity, and how conservatives should think about the government’s role in fighting one and fostering the other.” – The New York Times

Conservatism’s Most Promising Policy Mind

“Mike Lee is an unlikely candidate for conservatism’s most promising policy mind… But can Lee sell his communitarian message to his fellow constitutionalists? Yuval Levin [editor of the policy quarterly National Affairs] is hopeful: ‘He has a shot because to a certain extent he’s filling a vacuum, and that means he really has an opportunity to shape the arena the way he wants to.’” – The American Conservative

Ensuring Republican Success

“Lee has been proselytizing for a “comprehensive anti-poverty, upward-mobility agenda” — making him one of the few Republican politicians talking in any sustained way about stalled economic mobility, stagnant middle-class wages and economic inequality… Mike Lee’s conception of the tea party’s future is hardly predominant within the movement, but it is fully consistent with Republican success. And it might even help ensure it.”  – The Washington Post

Building an Agenda

“Lee urged conservatives to lead a “new, bold and heroic offensive in the war on poverty” by building an agenda that ensures government dollars benefit the underprivileged, expands access to education, gets civil society involved, celebrates stable marriages and reforms the U.S. criminal justice, prison, tax, regulatory, energy and transportation systems.” – Deseret News

A Big Step In The Right Direction

“The White House announced its support for the patent reform bill introduced by Senate Judiciary Chairman Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.) and Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) Monday. In a statement late Monday, Gene Sperling, director of President Barack Obama’s National Economic Council, called the introduction of the Patent Transparency and Improvements Act ‘a big step in the right direction.’” – The Hill

“Why Mike Lee is more serious about prison reform than Rand Paul” – The Washington Post

Gaining Steam

“These days, freshman Sen. Mike Lee is providing the contrast to Romney… If Lee’s ideas gain steam, we could see a Tea Party for the People.” – Washington Examiner

Reform-Minded Conservative

Lee is moving “toward a responsible and interesting group of reform-minded conservatives and governors who have been laboring on these issues for years. That is a positive development for him, his party, the conservative movement and the country.” – The Washington Post

Fighting Against Poverty

“Surely, America should provide a safety net for the poor. But as Sen. Lee suggested, the fight against poverty needs to clear obstructions to upward mobility, not encourage long-term dependence.” – The Charleston Daily Mail

Taking Off

“[Mike Lee’s tax plan] represents a significant departure from traditional GOP tax policy. But I can see it taking off among Republican candidates in 2014.” – National Review

Building Policy Bridges

“How Mike Lee Is Changing The Republican Party… Lee, as Gerson says, is trying to build policy bridges between the populist Tea Party and the Republican establishment. And Lee’s communitarian rhetoric is, in many ways, the polar opposite of what establishment Republicans like Mitt Romney have run on… [B]y getting establishment Republicans like Gerson to move in his direction, Lee is slowly changing the soul of the party.” – Townhall

An Ambitious Plan

“Yesterday Senator Mike Lee, the Utah conservative, announced an ambitious plan to reform taxes — much the most attractive one we have heard from any Republican for a long time… With this plan, the senator has taken an important step toward limiting government, promoting growth, and creating a conservative electoral majority.” – National Review

Addresses The Middle Class

“Credit where it’s due: Lee is out with a new tax plan that’s much better and actually addresses the needs of the middle class. Unusually for Republican tax plans, his new plan cuts taxes for the middle class and finances that with a tax increase on the wealthy.” – Business Insider


“Lee’s idea is straightforward—cut taxes for families with children and raise them for households with high itemized deductions… We ought to be talking about whom the federal government should assist and how much aid they ought to get, without turning policy inside out by making every benefit program a tax preference when direct spending might make more sense. I agree with Senator Lee.” – Forbes

A Timely Proposal

“Senator Lee and Congressman Graves have offered the federal government a timely proposal for turning responsibility for roads, bridges, and transit systems back to the states—one that avoids a federal tax hike and empowers states to make necessary repairs and expand their road, bridge, and transit capacity in ways that best serve their transportation needs.” – The Heritage Foundation

Succinct Conservative Critique

“If you haven’t read Utah Senator Mike Lee’s remarks [Bring Them In] at the Heritage Foundation’s Anti-Poverty Forum you really owe it to yourself to do so. It is probably the most succinct conservative critique of modern government anti-poverty programs in recent decades.” – Red State

Brian Phillips

Communications Director

O: 202-224-9377

C: 202-228-2019

Follow @SenLeeComs


Office of Senator Mike Lee (UT)

Hart Senate Office Building, Suite 316

Washington DC 20510


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