Meyers For Attorney General

  • Larry Meyers has indicated his interest in seeking the Attorney General Position be vacated by John Swallow.  Following is his brief description of his convictions.
    After nearly a year of public scrutiny of the Utah Attorney General it is time for Utah to have someone in the role that can and will rise above those challenges.  Larry Meyers is that man.  He is known for his integrity, diligence, and commitment to the values that all Utahans believe in.
    Here is his brief biolography:

    Larry Meyers

    Utah Attorney General

    I am considering throwing my hat into the ring for the Attorney General nomination and would appreciate your input. My sole interest in the position would be to serve the citizens of Utah by protecting their God-given liberties and defending the sovereignty of the State of Utah under the 10th Amendment to the US Constitution. I believe that government has gotten too big and too powerful and I want to bring power back to the people.

    My legal experience includes 7 ½ years as a state and city prosecutor and 10 years in private legal practice. I am primarily a trial attorney, focusing on family law, civil litigation, and criminal defense. My firm website is if you want to see what I do. Basically, I help people solve their legal problems and improve their lives. I graduated from BYU with a B.A. in Political Science in 1991 and earned my law degree at BYU in 1995.

    I have been actively involved in the Republican Party since about 1990. I have served in all of the precinct offices, as a county vice-chair, and as a county, state, and national delegate. I am the Chair of the Dixie Republican Forum and the President of the Utah Republican Assembly, groups that are devoted to keeping the GOP true to its conservative roots. I am also a local coordinator for the national Tea Party Patriots organization.

    Most importantly, I’ve been married to my wife, Marlee Meyers, for 23 years, and we have three strippling sons. We live in Winchester Hills, a rural community north of St. George, with our horses, dogs, goat, weeds, and red sand. I am active in my church, have served for many years in the Boy Scouts of America, and enjoy music, sports, and reading.

    Please call me at 435-668-6292 if you have questions or would like to discuss any issues with me.

    Liberty Law Firm

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