In the Gaps

What is a “Gap” you may wisely ask.  We are fortunate to have the online Merriam-Webster dictionary to answer that age-old inquiry.  Here it is.


noun \ˈgap\

: a space between two people or things

: a hole or space where something is missing

: a missing part

“So”, in the words of Emperor Joseph II (from Amadeus), “there it is”.  Hope you have enjoyed this little bit of political trivia.

Ok, you know me too well.  I won’t stop there, but shall press onward and upward with sound political observations to make your day a little brighter.

The GAP is shrinking, and I don’t mean that store for tiny teens to buy skimpy jeans.  I speak of a matter far more pernicious.

I do not pontificate about young girl squeezing into tight trousers.  Rather I profundicate (yeah, my word for being profoundly brilliant) about the American citizen being squeezed into the narrowing gap of government-trampled liberty.

Many and many a year ago (still in my life time) a coach could choose his gladiators based upon the skills of the players which he deemed were necessary to build a winning team.  Yet, as time passed, the edges were shaved off of “winning” in favor of making each wannabe athlete “feel” like a “winner”.  With the edges gone governments soon began to impose on that where a field was to be played on then everyone must have an opportunity to play, winner or not.  Thus girl’s sports were governmental declared to be as interesting as boys sports and schools were mandated to sport both genders.  Ultimately, the argument came before legislators that true equality rested in allowing boys and girls to be on the same teams.

In short, over the years, government narrowed the space between coaches building competitive teams and go politicians becoming gardeners to groom the field of social equality.

Some folks grumbled, but let the gap slowly closely, because in the words Martin Niemöller “I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a…”

Whether on the ball field, town hall, business or most any other endeavor that is how unmonitored governments functions.  Incrementally, they close the gap between liberty and oppressiveness.  Yet, the many of us that stand in idle silence of  “because I wasn’t a…” believe liberty is not being eroded.  WHY?

Because we focus on the what little there is left in the gap, rather than on what is missing because of the gap.

Note above the second line of definition “a hole or space where something is missing”.  A governments seek to expand their control and boundaries, unchecked, liberty goes missing around the shrinking edges of the space where it at once resided.

There is a town in Georgia.  In the town there is a school.  At the school there is a ball field.  At the ball field there is (or was) a set of bleachers.  Those bleachers were bought and paid for by parents that wanted the liberty to see above the fence.  The fence stood in the gap between the spectator and player, obstructing the view.  So…the people fixed the problem so they could see over the obstacle in gap.

The government through a course of gap closing measures forced the school to remove the bleachers, because the gap represented something a few could not comprehend.  The people desired the liberty to choose their form of interest.

Government closed the gap…tore down the window…and built a wall.

Now, lest I become too ingrained in discussing sports metaphors (which remarkable I know very little about) I shift to another area;  Ranching.  In the destitution of my knowledge I know less of ranching than I do of sports.  Yet, I know a little.

There is a rancher in the southwest that free ranges his cattle, horses, and other live stock.  The government has been taunting him for years.  Now, they have reached the point where they intend to confiscate his livelihood.  Once they have completely closed the gap of his liberty, they shall then close the gap of his income.

Similarly, a few years ago the federal government closed the gap wherein liberty reigned for a very successful man.  Without any (“NOT A SMIDGEON”, to quote our dictator in Chief), due process they stole all his possessions, the possessions of his family members, the possessions of his friends and associates.  To this day, they hold his rightful property for no other reason than that he refuses to bow to their overbearing whims.  At every corner of the gap in justice they impede his ability to access the courts for remedy because they know they are wrong.  The one element of judicial process they have engendered is persuading the court to suppress his First Amendment right to “freedom of speech, …and to petition … for a redress of grievances.”

So, to the third definition of gap there is “a missing part”.

The US Constitution is clear, and remarkable simple.  The rights of government are articulated.  Any apparent “gap” (missing part) between those rights is filled by the rights the people.  The government has NO Right to close the gap of liberty.  There is no legislative, executive, nor even judicial right that is superior to the abundance of right reserved to the people.


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