Their Cup Runneth Over

My last few posts have been motivated in part by the preposterous unconstitutional actions of the Bureau of Land Management.  The BLM is exercising with full vengeance their retribution against the Clive Bundy family.  The Bundy family appropriately responded to BLM by implying that a national agency of aggression derives it power “from the consent of the governed”…rather than vice versus.

Sadly, Congressmen that have sworn to uphold the US Constitution simply hold it over the flames of tyranny.  Why would I say such a thing about men and women so esteemed as to have been elected with 30-second sound bites and double-jointed jaws?  Significantly because it is true, but partially due to the fact that Congress perpetually acquiesces to the whims of bureaucrats (stay with me). Yet, mostly because these members of Congress have failed to decry, in keeping with their solemn oath of office, they allow “a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object” – to reduce the people “under absolute Despotism” (see the Declaration of Independence).

Said Henry Lee (I hope an ancestor to Senator Mike Lee), a man of no small reputation;

“When a question arises with respect to the legality of any power, exercised or assumed by Congress (or an agency thereof, sic), it is plain on the side of the governed: 

Is it enumerated in the Constitution?  If it be, it is legal and just.  It is otherwise arbitrary and unconstitutional.”

[From 1786 to 1788, Lee was a delegate to the Continental Congress, and in the last-named year in the Virginia convention, he favored the adoption of the United States Constitution. From 1789 to 1791, he served in the General Assembly and, from 1791 to 1794, was Governor of Virginia.]

The Bundy family, and by extension, the people of the United State of America are being ground down to the muddy wallow of bureaucratic suppression.  This is not an isolated incident.


1)  In addition to the BLM blunder with the Bundy family, the FBI raged forward with similar revenge against those with liberty.  Half a continent away, in the great state of Indiana, the FBI invaded the home of a 91-year-old threat to national security and confiscated his collection of artifacts gather over eight of his nine decades on earth.  I can only presume that many of those artifacts were more mature than many of the agents of aggression.

2)  In St. George, a man was stripped of his possessions; not by due process, but rather by a national government led by a corrupt set of attorneys.  The government agency did not stop at robbing the man of just his possessions.  They then continued their onslaught of slaughtering the Constitution by threatening the wealth, security, and dignity of his family and friends.  As it stands today the agency is fearful to actually go to court to defend their headline grabbing protestations of just cause.  They know they have no standing.

3)  Under the leadership of Hillary Clinton, who can not account for the abject failures of her department in Benghazi, the State Department also can’t account for over $6,000,000,000 (Six Billion Dollars).  Yet, the entire department and Commander-in-Chief press the idea that the work they are doing is defensible.

4)  For months a bureaucracy blasted a symphony of threats toward Gibson Guitar.  The music made memorable by the national elitists is at best eerie, and at worst a fulfillment of the words of Constitution Convention member George Mason when he suggested that the president “will generally be directed by Minion & Favorites”.  The evidence of Barack Obama being walked on the leash of Minions & Favorites is no longer speculation, but a well documented fact.

5)  Yet, further and even more disgraceful than stripping the people of their liberty too many agencies are engaged in stripping away life.  What justification is there that bureaucracy would openly defend the slaughter of unborn children…while simultaneously trampling the liberty of ranchers in protection of the habitat of unborn beasts?

6)  The Department of Veterans Affairs has been stumbling around failing to meet the needs and commitments to those who placed their lives and sacred honor in the face of danger for the Country.  What has the Speaker of the House of Representatives had to say about this failure? “I think the secretary needs to have more authority to manage his own department.”  Yes, speaker Boehner did add some other rhetoric to his verbosity, but the bottom line is that Congress is failing to meet their constitutional duty…because it is an inconvenience to them.

The national government is like King George of old.  Paraphrasing Jefferson, “The pending history of the present bureaucracy is a history of repeated injuries and usurpations, all having in direct object the establishment of an absolute Tyranny…”

It is our duty as citizens to require more, much more, of our Representatives.  Though entrenched incumbents like John Boehner and Nancy Pelosi may say we are crying over spilt milk…our duty is to clean up the mess when “Their Cup Runneth Over” with failure to comply with the Constitution.

That Is The Way I See It.


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