First Amendment Zone Ahead. Fines double for using Freedom of Speech

This situation with the BLM accosting the Clive Bundy family has gotten out of hand.

The non-responsiveness by the national agency is ridiculous, even to the progressive liberals.  Shame on a host of Congressmen and Congresswomen that have turned a blind eye to their first and foremost duty; ensuring the constitutionality of the national government’s actions.

There ought to be 435 very loud voices in Washington DC demanding that the BLM cease and desist their aggressive betrayal of the American people.

First and foremost among the egregious actions of the Bureau of Land Management is this ridiculous notion of First Amendment Zones.  Said Clive Bundy regarding today’s blatant act of unconstitutionality, “”He (speaking of his son) was there (in his vehicle on the side of the road) to do some filming when about 11 federal agents pulled up and arrested him,” Bundy told News 3. “They said he was outside of the First Amendment area and they took him down. We don’t know where he is now.” [ news story]

1st amendment zone

What in the heck is a First Amendment area?  When the Founders, John Adams in particular, promised to add a Bill of Rights to the Constitution they kept their word.  The language of the First amendment is the least ambiguous of nearly anything written in its day.  Further, it was nearly universally supported by the states ratifying the amendments.

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

Yet, what did the BLM spokesperson have to say? “An individual is in custody in order to protect public safety and maintain the peace.  The individual has rights and therefore details about the arrest will not be disclosed until and unless charges are filed.”  Further, from the news story “The First Amendment areas are designated by the government for people to express their free speech rights about the subject.”

Excuse my rough language, but all I can say is ‘What the hell?”

The entire Republic is a First Amendment area!  How can anyone miss that?  The only argument against it will be by someone that wishes to subvert the freedom of others.

Further, the statement of the spokeswoman is just so much double-talk jargon of a seasoned bureaucrat awaiting retirement.  Saying the “individual has right”, therefore the BLM refuses to justify the blatant act of unconstitutional behavior.  How about they try this one on for a change, “the individual has rights…therefore we have NO authority to incarcerate him on the presumption that MAYBE something bad will happen, especially when there is no evidence that anything bad will happen.”  How about that logic, instead of using power over people to bend them to your will.

Again, I say any of the 435 Congress members that fail to raise voice of opposition to this act of treason by BLM personnel are in fact performing acts of treason themselves.  If the President does not immediately call off his attack dogs than the House of Representative should immediate, upon a unanimous vote impeach him, and the Senate upon a unanimous vote should convict him on that impeachment.

Any employee, of good conscience, that works for BLM should refuse to carry out the orders that attack their fellow citizens.

Given the egregious actions of the national government’s Bureau of Land Management I will not be surprised to find them knocking down my with accusations of insurrection.  Be that as it may, I do not advocate insurrection.  But, I certainly do advocate that thousand of citizens rise up in peaceful assembly “to petition the Government for a redress of grievances” which today rest upon a family in Nevada.  Because the pile of manure on your neighbor’s doorstep today shall surely be on your doorstep tomorrow.

If this post sounds angry…it is because I am angry!  Any American that does not rise in objection to the return of King George to prancing on our homeland is ill-informed.  All Americans should be angry.  Very Very Very angry.

That Is The Way I See IT…because that is the way it really is.


2 thoughts on “First Amendment Zone Ahead. Fines double for using Freedom of Speech

  1. I have followed this issue with the Bundy family for several years now. I believe we have no hope of having our elected officials step up to the plate and do anything. They are all part of the problem. I like you am angry, I get angrier everyday as I watch this great nation fall to the likes of the liberal left and the liberal right. It doesn’t seem to matter which of the two major parties you listen to they all lie, and are working to destroy the freedom that has been given us by God.
    Show me where in the Constitution it gives the Federal government the right to even have a BLM or FIsh and Game or Forest Service. I spend a great deal of time out on the Arizona Strip and what I see in our Public (not really) lands is there is no management only restrictions. I asked the Forest Service for a permit (willing to pay for it) to cut up fallen trees and haul them off for fire wood, You can’t do that; so the wood rots on the ground.
    Farmers know more about the proper way to graze land than any slicked up office dude that went to school to sit on is backside and tell everyone else what to do.
    Our lands should be managed by State agencies not the Federal government.
    Every time I venture out (which is often) a new barricade is up across a road or trail that use to be open to the public. Our public lands are no longer for public use, we are too busy saving what they call endangered critters.
    It is also amazing to me that all of our Federal agencies have their own law enforcement, seems like you have to be willing to fight your fellow Americans in order to be part of those groups.
    So we will get no help from our elected officials not even the Sheriff stepped up to the plate and fought for a citizens rights, so why are all of us not saddled up and ready to stand with the Bundy’s? To be sure if we don’t stand together we will fall together to a tyrannical government, led by a man who is not even a citizen of this nation and who stole a dead man’s SS number.
    God help us all!

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