I shall not mince my words, Congressman Chris Stewart is a Coward

I shall not mince my words.

Congressman Chris Stewart of the Utah 2nd Congressional District is a coward.  He panders to the likes of John “Tanning Booth” Boehner to get the scraps that fall from the Speaker’s gluttonous banquet of gifts for worshipers.  And, Chris Stewart is one of those worshipers.  Choose you this day, Mr. Stewart.

There is no hidden meaning in the Constitution regarding what the national government may own and control in terms of land.  None!  There are arguments about it, but there is no mistaking the clear and obvious intent of the Founders.  All that is ambiguous is whether you are willing to do your job.

Yet, Congressman Chris Stewart has been hiding behind the careless and equally meaningless Washington jargon of  letters to BLM regarding the egregious and unjust ASSAULT on a Nevada family.  At least the man who represents the region where I live needs to get off his backside and read the Constitution.

Now, I am saying these things about Congressman Stewart because he is the coward that my district elected.  However, in the fairness of equity to him with his comrades, he is not the only coward among the House of Representatives.  At this point every member of the House should stand-up and be screaming from the rooftops that BLM stand-down, and stand-down NOW!

Every Congressman, including “Cowardly Chris” will flood Facebook with recitations of their respect for the Constitution, meaningless crap they have done to buy votes, and boast about how they are standing up to Barack Obama…then will stand idle like an ostrich with a buried head about thing that really matter.

Sorry, Mr. Stewart, but your partisan bawling about Obama does not mean anything when you are too frightened to tell a national agency they are wrong and must immediately cease and desist with their animus toward the people of the United States of America.

Yes, I know you can and will fashion some lame explanation.  But the truth is, your lame excuses for worshiping Boehner and rationalizing what was intended in the Constitution don’t fool anyone but you.  Then they systematically make a fool OF you.

Let me be precise.  The national government has NO authority over vast tracks of land…in any state.  That is in the Constitution.  Scholars that have studied the Constitution for decades, along with detailed writings of the founders and many many other leaders of the that day, establish that assessment as fact.  It is not in question.  The only thing in question is the integrity of you and your comrades that refuse to hear what the Founders said and meant.

Your silly conclusions that the states granted these lands to the national government when they were annexed to the republic are unsound, and unwarranted.  As the courts have opined time after time, an individual may not waive his rights granted under the Constitution.  The same applies to the States.  Regardless of the coercion used by the national government when the States were admitted there was no just power to force the states to waive their rights in order to expand that which was forbidden to the national government.  Now, I recognize that goes against the presumption of you that are elected to Congress, because “once a man gets a little authority as he assumes he (you) begins to exercise unrighteous dominion”.

Congressman Stewart.  Stop talking and be about doing!  Stand-up for what is right.  Your letters make you as much a laughing-stock to the nation as Barack Obama’s threats make him a laughing-stock to the world.

That Is The Way I SEE IT, because that is the way it is.


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