Stephanie Stone Williams

Following is a commentary by Stephanie Stone Williams, which I took in its entirety from a Facebook post which she made.  Stephanie neither requested, nor gave permission for me to repost this comment.  This is solely and completely of my own initiative.  I present ti here because it is important.

Dear State Delegate,

I’ve been a State Delegate in the past, so I know that  receiving emails the day before the convention can be annoying.  But I need to clarify a couple of things  that I’ve been unfairly accused of by the Chris Stewart  campaign.

I  authored, paid for, stamped and stuffed, and mailed over 800 letters to State  Delegates in Utah’s 2nd Congressional District.  Sending the  letter was based on my own initiative because of my long-time friendship with  one of the candidates running, not politically motivated by my husband as  Stewart’s campaign implies.  I’m a  big girl, and can make my own decisions.


No candidate was involved in the creation or cost of my  letter.  I take full  responsibility.  I can also back up  my claims about Chris Stewart’s voting record, the 2012 Convention shenanigans,  and his exaggerations.  I wrote my  letter carefully and thoughtfully, and only included things that I can actually  verify.


I should note that Stewart’s campaign did not refute or  disprove any of the  information presented in my letter.  Instead, their emailed response  resorts to slander, and mischaracterizes my motives and integrity.  The response also seriously distorts  Stewart’s voting record.


While claiming my letter is “full of the grossest  distortions of truth possible,” they don’t explain how I supposedly distorted  the truth.  That’s an ad hominem tactic that reasonable  conservatives usually reject.


Let me stress that I didn’t attack Stewart’s military  record, as his campaign states.  I  simply pointed out his verifiable  exaggerations about what he did while in the U.S. Air Force—to show a  pattern of serious dishonesty.  If  he’d made such exaggerations while on active duty, he could have been severely  reprimanded.  (See:


But Stewart’s campaign is apparently having a “truth  squad” at the convention designed to discredit my letter.  Don’t believe their claims without first  looking at the facts presented in my links.  It isn’t “dirty politics” to tell the  truth, and I believe delegates and voters have the right to know the  truth.


In addition, Stewart will probably claim on Saturday that  he has been cleared by the FEC for any wrongdoing in the 2012 convention shenanigans.   The FEC did not clear him of  wrongdoing.  The case against  Stewart was dismissed based on a technicality beyond the control of the  complainants—a technicality that did not challenge the proven facts.  (See: and


The fact remains, Stewart won the nomination in 2012 as a  direct result of the last-second slandering of four candidates at the convention  just before the voting, and there is valid evidence that he had a hand in that  scheme.


Below is a copy of my letter, with the addition of  supporting links.  Please feel free  to contact me if you have questions.




Stefani Stone Williams





Stefani Stone  Williams

Dear State Republican Delegate,


My friend Larry Meyers is running for Congress against incumbent Chris Stewart, and  you have the opportunity to vote for Larry in this race on April 26th at the  Utah Republican Convention.


I’ve known Larry since 2000, when I ran the Utah campaign for the Alan Keyes for  President effort and Larry was our campaign coordinator for Washington  County.  I learned that he loves the  Constitution and isn’t afraid to stand alone for his beliefs and  principles.  Larry doesn’t just  talk, he has devoted countless hours and years to community and civic service.


“Talk  is cheap,” as the saying goes, and far too many of our representatives in DC  vigorously talk the conservative line to get  elected, but once in office they either buckle under pressure or show they were  never really committed to conservative principles in the first place.  Aren’t you tired of sending this kind of  politician to Washington?   Thankfully, we don’t have to in Utah’s 2nd Congressional District  race.


Larry  won’t fall for the “go along to get along” mentality of Washington, DC, but will  take seriously his oath to uphold the Constitution.  You can vote for someone with integrity  and convictions like Larry Meyers, or you can vote for a  less principled politician like Chris Stewart.  The choice is yours.


Here are facts  about Larry from


  • Larry’s top   priorities in Congress will be to work for a return to limited, constitutional   government; to stop illegal immigration and amnesty for illegal aliens; to   protect American citizens’ God-given liberties, including religious freedom,   protecting the unborn, privacy, and the right to bear arms; and to return   Utah’s public lands to state and private ownership.
  • He is a former prosecuting attorney for Washington   County and St. George City, and a cum laude graduate of BYU’s J. Reuben Clark   Law School.
  • He is a leading conservative activist, helping to   organize the Southern Utah Coalition for Life,   the Citizens Council on Illegal   Immigration, the Dixie Republican Forum, and the Washington County Tea Party   Coalition.
  • Larry is a long-time Republican Party volunteer, having   served as a precinct officer, county, state, and national delegate, county   party officer, and State Central Committee member.


By contrast,  here are some of Rep. Stewart’s appalling votes and positions:


  • Congressman Stewart voted for the fiscally   irresponsible Ryan-Murray budget deal, which the conservative think-tank   Heritage Foundation called “just   another Washington gimmick.”
  • Rep. Stewart supported Obama’s Comprehensive   Immigration Reform bill that would have granted amnesty to millions of illegal   immigrants, thereby rewarding law-breaking and ultimately leading to a permanent Democrat majority.
  • He also voted for the disastrous and wasteful “2014   FARM bill.”  This bill has been   described as “multi-billion   dollar legislation of welfare payments.”  80% of this bill was actually for   increased spending in food stamp subsidies.  More big government giveaways of your money.
  • In addition, two months after Stewart was elected and   soon after the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre, he came out against a   National Rifle Association proposal to post armed security personnel at every   school—calling such a move to protect our children “a   bad idea.”  (See:

As a  result of his voting record, Stewart earned a weak  72% from the Heritage Action watchdog group. (See:


On  various congressional scorecards, Stewart is listed as being an “average  Republican.”  We can settle for  average I guess, but if you’re like me, average in today’s political landscape  isn’t particularly appealing.  In  fact, “average” is what got us into the mess we now face.


We  need a Congressman who will vote to cut government back, not keep it  growing.  Stewart has voted for more  spending and more debt, instead of standing firm with Senators Mike Lee and Ted  Cruz.  We need a real constitutional  conservative representing Utah in DC, not a moderate John Boehner supporter /  Obama enabler.


A word about  Stewart’s exaggerations and questionable campaign tactics:


During the 2012 election, Stewart  and another candidate in the same race (who conceded he was a supporter of  Stewart) allegedly engaged in a scheme to defame four other  candidates running.  After hundreds of delegates received an anonymous  “anti-Stewart” letter a few days prior to the convention, the candidate who  supported Stewart devoted his entire convention speech, just before the voting,  to slandering these four candidates and falsely blaming them for sending the  letter and conspiring unfairly against Stewart—thus throwing the election and  propelling Stewart to victory.  There were reports of many delegates who’d  already marked their ballots asking for new ones and changing their votes  following the scandalous speech.  Legitimate questions remain about  Stewart’s role in the scheme, since there is ample evidence pointing to his  involvement.  (See:


Additionally, Stewart has also exaggerated his military record in the  U.S. Air Force, even repeatedly stating in his 2012 campaign speeches that he  “flew in wartime, flew combat aircraft, and flew fighters”—thus implying he’s  had actual combat experience, when he’s  had none!  There’s nothing quite  as dishonorable as a former military officer claiming or implying that he’s  fought in combat when he hasn’t.  Stewart has also claimed for years that he led the B-1 Bomber Cornet Bat  mission that set a world speed record, and he was the “Mission Commander” and  “aircraft commander.”  Actual  military records don’t back up these claims.  When confronted about these misleading  statements during the 2012 campaign, Stewart belligerently replied “why can’t I  say that?” and stormed off.  The  obvious answer is “because it isn’t true.”  (See:


On  April 3rd, Stewart stated on his website that he was named “Top  Conservative of the Year” by the American Conservative Union, when in  reality this award was given to 122 GOP congressmen.  In fact, Stewart just barely made the  ACU’s 80% voting threshold.    By comparison, Utah Congressmen Rob Bishop and Jason Chaffetz both scored  94% (and received the award as well).  (See:


At  this perilous and uncertain time, when the White House and Democrat Party have  displayed utter contempt for the U.S. Constitution and the rule of law, and when  so many within the Republican leadership in DC have waffled and lacked the  integrity to rein in this lawlessness and corruption, we need people like Larry  Meyers in Congress, not status quo (or average), dishonest politicians.


So  there you have it.  You can send  someone you can be proud of to Washington, or just more of the same old club of  pretenders.  To paraphrase President  Reagan:  We need bold colors, not pale  pastels!


I  wholeheartedly support Larry and ask you to vote for him on April 26th at the  GOP Convention.



   Stefani Stone Williams

Stefani Stone Williams

Former Deputy Chief of Staff, Alan Keyes

Utah Young Republicans Chair, 2002-2003

Former Utah Republican State Central & Executive  Committee member

Homeschooling mother of five




Paid for by  Stefani Stone Williams.   Not authorized or paid for by any candidate or candidate  committee


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