The Legitimate Role of Government-Provide Security.

Governments exist to provide security for social groups.  That’s all.

Unfortunately, those who administer governments (elected officials and bureaucrats) too frequently overlook that duty and also expand their efforts far beyond that duty.

Believe it or not people are individuals.  They are not groups.

Believe it or not people do not always act in the best interest of other people.  People do not naturally have “common” interests.

Believe it or not the absence of a common interest often creates conflicts.  People will be disagreeable.

People establish governments to be the fair arbiter of conflicts and to smooth-out those inevitable disagreements.  By doing so, people place trust and confidence in their governments to do what is in the best interest of all people over time.  People in social groups seek out from among themselves those people who will understand what will be in the group’s best interest, long-term.  These chosen people are distinguished as leaders.

In order for leaders to be successful they must be dispassionate toward any particular person, including themselves.  Dispassion is not disinterest.  In fact, dispassion favors exceptional interests.  That  interest is in the entire group as a whole, both present and future.

It is just the opposite that makes a leader unsuccessful.  They become passionate about their own interests at the expense of the whole group.  They begin to make rulings that are short-sighted and about benefit to a select few. [My next blog post will explain how unruly government become the worst special interest of the whole lot of them.]

The next inevitability of poor leaders is they step beyond their role of providing security to imposing regulations. Within this scenario such leaders will force plunder among the people for the government’s benefit rather than the community’s benefit.

When leaders begin to exercise special interest and excessive regulation confidence from the people is lost.  People begin to expect special interest groups within the society will be exceptionally treated.  Consistency and constancy of confidence will evaporate.  Ultimately, people will begin to think that liberty will be regulated.  Then at last, they will resist the inevitable imposition of plunder upon them.

When a society reaches this level of dis enchantment it is the nature and disposition of nearly every person to expect the government to act in their personal interest rather than in the social benefit, either current or future.  They will expect that all others should be regulated and taxed for their benefit.

That social structure has never functioned successfully and never will.  Hence, we just witnessed major changes nationwide in the last election.  “The folks” demanded change from what was not working.  Yet, there is no offer of new policies, just an offer of new police at the helm of dysfunction.

That is the situation which our society is now living.  On nearly every subject we are led by men and women determined to use their role in government for their personal interest.  They further openly seek opportunity to segregate people into special interest groups…for short term comfort and gain.  Regulations, judgments, taxes, and bureaucrats all lean toward wasting the security of the people for an extra thirty pieces of silver.

There is much and many changes which society needs to make…if this society is to have long-term benefits.

That Is The Way I See It.


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