NO Way to Romney

Mitt Romney lost his first presidential bid in the Republican primaries because he lack the necessary drive.  While others went into overdrive he remained in first gear.

In his second run for the presidency he jumped in because several prominent Republicans chose to “sit it out” thinking Obama was invincible.  Of course once Romney was in and Obama basically ignored him a wide field of Republicans thought there was no shark in the water.  They scampered from their beach towels and raced for the water.

Systematically the roving republican, Karl Rove, manufactured (somewhat behind the public scenes) an orchestrated balloon popping event for all other Republicans.  Mis-messages and flat-out lies were perpetrated against Romney’s opponents.  Of course Romney could rely on the age-old political tactic of denying any knowledge of the Rover’s antics.  For a short while everyone feared Karl because he was personified as having creating the Bush victory.  The political head-bobbers were quick to forget that Rove never actually delivered a victory for Bush.  Incompetent election officials in Florida accomplished that task.  Bottom line is the Republican Rover really isn’t that good of a strategist.  He is only good at creating false fronts about other candidates that the public is eager to buy.

So, what will be different in 2016.  First, the abysmal failure of Karl Rove to deliver was made apparent in the last race.  Only one of Rove’s candidates won…and that was due to opponent incompetence, not superior Rove strategy.

Why is that relevant?

First, Republican opponents in the primaries will be ready to point out Romney’s obvious weaknesses.

Second, Rove will be confused about what to do with both Bush and Romney in the race.

Third, Rove will have a hard enough time raising money to be a serious factor along with the other Republicans being  prepared to stand toe-to-toe with his nonsense.

Fourth, IF (and that is not a likelihood) Romney makes it through the primaries Hillary or Warren will eat his lunch.  Neither of them will be as lackadaisical as Obama was.  The race would not even be close.  Either of them would take at least 2/3 of the Electoral College votes.

Fifth, Romney has the character that he won’t be a persistently forceful candidate.  In 2016 that will be essential and he simply does not have it in him.  He especially would not have the drive to confront a woman.  He sees himself as a noble person and would refuse to hit either of them hard enough to count.

Lastly, Romney does not want to be president.  He wants to be in the limelight.  That is why he doesn’t just go about being a businessman now.  He can’t bear the idea of people not looking to him for input.  I don’t think he will even run.

That Is The Way I See It.


3 thoughts on “NO Way to Romney

  1. It may be a generational problem, but I remember the same things being said of Ronald Reagan on his third attempt. I do not see another Republican with anywhere near the same qualifications, experience or understanding of of national and world problems. We need a leader who can hit the ground running without a learning curve. None other than Mitt Romney even come close. The question should be who can we get him to groom to continue the course after he has served his time.

    1. Not buying it, Ron. There are many other people equally, if not better qualified than Mitt. But that is not the point of the post. Mitt can’t win, because he doesn’t have the drive or the skill. Reagan had both. He was able to handle attacks. Remember the age thing with Walter Mondale. Romney doesn’t have that skill set for the campaign.

      In any case, as long as the Republicans continue with John Boehner and Mitch McConnell in House and Senate leadership it is a virtual guarantee that even if they could resurrect Ronald Reagan the Democrats will still win the House, Senate, and Presidency in 2016. That president will appoint at least two members of the Supreme Court. At that time the Republican Party will begin to become extinct.

  2. The one thing that Mitt has is integrity, or at least the image of such. After such a huge storm of Anti-Integrity, Anti-Humanity, that we are force fed with the more nationally known political trash, it is easy to see why he has such a draw.
    But alas, that is not enough; he is still a Progressive, not a real Liberty fed American.

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