St, George’s Acid Bath-Ed Baca

I am no stranger to caustic comments.  Some observers of my comments would suggest that I, myself, just might be the inventor of the casual caustic collocquia.  I confess to the banter of the benign.

However, in true-to-form style I shall respond to a recent diatribe by St. George’s own “Harold Stassen,” Ed Baca.

For those to young to know who Harold Stassen is, he was a perpetual presidential “also-ran,” from decades past.  He became a household joke of sorts by his running for president in multiple elections.  He even got close once.  Mr. Baca fills a similar role for St. George politics.  He runs and runs and runs for city council or mayor, only to end up with the tarnished super bowl ring in the second-placed finisher’s locker room of politics.

The local publication, Senior Sampler, has granted him a proverbial “ouch” column on a regular basis.  In his column Mr. Baca esteems himself as a well-informed reporter of local politics.  Yet, in reality his articles read like the daily production reports from the “Sour Grapes Winery.”

In the 3.15 edition of the Sampler Mr. Baca implanted his usual caustic “reporting” of St. George City Council coverage to yet again attempt to insult a member of the council.  To quote the perpetual also-ran;

“With the flare of a “True Princess”….. Towering above her minions….. Randall waved her hand in the air and stated “They Got To Go!” Well folks, that appeared to settle it….. Councilman Bowcutt who happens to live close to the apartment complex provided a second to the motion to approve….. Stating “A Very Strong Second”.  My friends, it would take a man of steel to go against the “Princesses”….. In fact the entire Council voted in favor of the motion……  including the Iron Lady, Councilwoman Arial.”

In his previous article (2.15) the sour grapes wine-maker had equally derogatory comments about Councilman Almquist.  He even alluded to questioning the integrity of Mayor Pike.  In short, and I shall not quote, he accused the city government of being akin to group of drunken sailors…basically for being members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  One local clergy, who shall remain nameless (in hopes of protecting the person from Ed’s caustic appraisals) noted that it was a strange comment being that Ed is also a member of the LDS Church.

City Councilor Jimmy Hughes should feel quite honored.  He is the only one in the past two articles to have avoided being tastelessly targeted in the one-sided food fight initiated by Mr. Baca.  Perhaps I shall print out an award certificate for Jimmy and present it to him this evening at the city council meeting.

Enough is enough.  I have spent time at the expense of Mr. Baca writing the “Up on the City Council” articles.  I personally think he should change the name to what his articles actually are; “Down on the City Council.”  Perpetually losing elections creates certain mindsets.

Councilwoman Randall is a good person and a conscientious public servant, along with the rest of the city council.  To derogatorily classify her with an attempted insult of “princess” is below even Ed Baca’s standards.  (someone suggested to me today that his comment might have been jocular in nature.   Having read other of his “updates” I believe he intended the comment to be an insult.  Her conduct, as he describes it, is no different from any other elected official’s that have strong views on a matter.  His personal affront was uncalled for and reflects poorly on his desire to be viewed as the “prince” of political punditry.

However, it is not about her or Joe Bowcutt’s emphasis on an issue that should be questioned.  It is in fact the exact same flamboyance or over-exertion by Ed Baca that should come under scrutiny.  He routinely makes rash statements in his articles without any substantive backup presented.  He exaggerates for effect.  Then he has the gall to smear those who won elections that he lost (most likely because of his causticity) by using the exact same tactics.  Being no better a person than Ed, I will say that at least I have admitted to my tendencies toward being caustic.

His relentless attacks on Councilman Almquist are boorish, tedious, and by all relevant appearances unfounded.  When Ed Baca runs for city council again this year he may well be advised to be a little positive rather than employ his routine negativity.  Advice good for all of us, including myself.

Now, because this is my blog I am going to take a moment and talk about me.

“I wanna talk about me
Wanna talk about I
Wanna talk about number one
Oh my me my
What I think, what I like, what I know, what I want, what I see”*

I am well-known for being supportive of the city council.  I make absolutely no apologies for doing so. I have the experience to know a good city council when I witness it.

St. George City Council IS a good council.  It serves this community very well.  I commend the staff of the city similarly.

In the last election cycle a few questions were raised about my support for this council.  One question was what I was going to get out it for being supportive.  The assumption, errant on its face, was that for a citizen to be upbeat and supportive of their local government some evil scheme must be in the works for personal benefit.  At least that is what I have garnered from Ed Baca’s articles.

No special considerations were promised, none are expected, and none have been given.  I support this council because it is good for the overall community.

Some special interests in town are not catered to, but then neither are my special interests catered to.  See how that works?  Good government benefits all where possible and the most when not possible.  We have that in St. George.

While Mr. Baca and some others perpetually complain and sneer a few of us choose to act. I recommend  that rather than just post self-absorbed commentaries, do something besides attend meetings looking for some nuance of delivery to make into a character issue. I have submitted in the past, and will in the future, specific ideas to the city council with encouragement for implementation.  Some of those ideas have been supported and some have not.  No special benefit or recognition was given to me.  Likewise, I took no insult at any ideas not being pursued.  That is good government and good society.

There have been opportunities with the city which I have been encouraged to pursue.  Ultimately I have declined, partially to avoid members of the governing body getting criticized for “awarding a supporter.”  I confess, if the city establishes a committee to review the land use ordinances (all ordinance to be exact)  I will eagerly seek to be on that committee and hope I am appointed.  That wwould not be a personal favor, it would be recognition of my particular knowledge base.

So, there you have it folks.  I am critical of those who unwarrantedly criticize the St. George City Council.  I support the city council in their efforts and sure wish the constant complainers would cease complaining and offer ideas for solutions.

That Is The Way I See It.

* I wanna Talk About Me, Toby Keith.


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