Kum Ba Yah, as sung by John Kerry

Most Americans are familiar with the spiritual campfire song “Kum Ba Yah.”

The song itself has a complex and often disputed origin.  Some say it comes from Creole, used in the Carolinas and Louisiana by slaves.  Others claim and African origin in Angola.  One person even suggests that it was received by revelation to an itinerant preacher.  And one unlikely story suggest it even has Muslim origins.

The phrase (with varied spelling) means “Come by Here.”  It is an invitation or pleading for deity to “come by” and benefit the place where the song is sung.

Recently, Secretary of State John Kerry, called upon the graces of an old folk singer to serenade the French in the wake of the most recent terrorist attack.  No, they didn’t sing Kum Ba Yah.  Of course, in true American style of “politics at its best” Kerry was made fun of and ridiculed for the elementary school tactics to a serious issue.

Yet in his ever defiant and petulant manner President Barack Obama is throwing another elementary hissy-fit.  He is refusing to meet with Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel, because John Boehner didn’t get his permission to invite the prime minster to speak to congress.  In essence what Barack said in his school yard vernacular “Its my ball and I’m taking it home if you don’t let me be quarterback.”

Yes, we all know that is childishly immature, but have grown to acknowledge it is the best we will ever get from this child-king (in his eyes).

The president, and both his secretaries of state, have failed miserably in their foreign policy dealing.  It is under this administration the middle east has escalated in terrorist activity and regional collapse.  One after another Islamic states have collapsed under the weight of terrorist groups.  I will not join the chorus of people calling them Islamic radicals.  They are hate mongers and strike fear and terror into the hearts of all religious groups.  Obama doesn’t calling them terrorist or islamic because he is petulant.

This administration has failed in foreign policy for three specific reasons.  First, President Obama does not have the personal capability to adapt when necessary.  Second, he selects virtual idiots as Secretaries of state.

In that region of the world, dealing with our enemies is a delicate matter.  Hillary Clinton was a woman and they never took her seriously…because she was a woman.  I am not being degrading of women.  I am pointing out the cultural situation.  It was stupid for the president to think he could mandate that the region would respond, against their primary interest, to a woman.  It was not about to happen.  Hence, under Hillary’s buffoonery they most likely laughed at her behind her back.  The result was a total failure; Benghazi being the hallmark moment.

I take far less time to comment about John Kerry.  He is simply stupid.  He talks well but has no ability to think in complex terms.  He can tell you a hundred reason how repeatedly bending a piece of steel wire will cause it to eventually break.  Yet, if you give him the wire and tell him to break it, you can come back 20 years later and with a stupid grin on his face he will still be working at it.  John Kerry is the epitome of what I call the Bad Horton The Elephant syndrome. (look up the story if you are unfamiliar with it).

Now, back to the main story line.  President Barack Obama and his Secretary of State, “Horton” Kerry, believe they can save the world problems by sitting around the campfire with terrorist sing “Kum Ba Yah.”  Whether the origin is Creole, Angolan, Middle eastern, or even Kenyan does not matter.

When they sing “come by here” we can be guaranteed that the terrorist will in fact COME BY HERE.  The result will not be the swaying to campfire songs.  It will be the swaying of building about to fall and innocent people swaying in Barack’s gentle breeze of self-righteousness.  John boy stand there with his “cat ate the canary”empty eyes, goofusly wondering what happened.That Is The Way I See It.


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