Shall I Run for Election to the Utah State Senate?

That is an intriguing question.

Today I met with a gentleman of some prominence within the St. George, Utah community.  I wanted to meet with him to discuss a potential candidacy for the Utah State Senate District 29 seat.  The incumbent, bolstered by the recent success of getting yet another piece of unnecessary regulation enacted, will likely seek re-election.  He has not earned re-election.

I shall not go into the various reasons why the incumbent should be given his private law practice back and allowed to forgo his private bowl at the public trough.  Rather, I want to share observations about my conversation.

After talking about various anti-constitutent votes and actions by the incumbent my associate posed an intriguing question.  “Do you think it is possible for someone with no political experience and limited financial resources to win against a well-funded incumbent?”  I answered affirmatively, but I want to clarify his inquiry.

He was not casting doubt about his ability to win, or the merits of his position on the issues.  Some might presume there was doubt.  Yet, my interpretation of his question was much more insightful.  I think his question was more “should someone with no political experience and limited financial resources win against a well-funded incumbent?”

Oliver DeMille* wrote an interesting article today (Monday March 16, 2015) regarding Hillary Clinton’s email debacle (my word not his).  In his article he says “The true question we should be addressing today is what kind of America do we want, how are we going to get there, and who is the best leader to make it happen? That’s the real issue. And ultimately it’s the only issue that really matters.”

I substituted the word “state” for his word “America.”  To a certain extent they are interchangeable when it comes to the broader concept of good public policy.

So my answer to my friend’s question this evening is an even stronger affirmative.  Yes he should run and yes he should win.  If does run I have no doubt that he will win.  Why?

Because I still trust that this republic and the various states with their US constitutionally warranted Republican form of government is the best mankind can establish.  I still trust that when the people hear truth and sound principles based on that truth…they will flock to a candidate that genuinely offers it.

Incumbency has its privilege, and over the years, those in office have been diligent to ensure they keep a solid grasp on that privilege.  Incumbency has the advantage of coffers of cash filled by the lucre of lobbyist.  BUT……

Plain truth, untainted by political double talk, still continues its solid reputation of the soundest of foundations.  Plain truth, told because it is truth, outlasts the bullishness of the bullion.

DeMille goes on to say “I don’t want a finger-pointing president [state senator], or one whose main goal is to win the White House [re-election]. We’ve had those—from both parties—and they made things worse, not better.”

Further he concludes, “I hope a lot of voters will join me in this watch for a real candidate, one whose bold vision… and deep understanding of freedom and prosperity will make us all proud to be Americans (Utahns)again.

That Is The Way I See It.


Oliver DeMille


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