Are we ready YET for a little civil disobedience

Over the past ten day I have been advocating Peaceful Civil Disobedience.

I have intentionally left the subject vague to determine how many people were actually upset enough with the national government to be proactive in resistance. The outcome was interesting, for certain.

During the ten day period I added bits and pieces of a plan for Peaceful Civil Disobedience. I culminated the teasers with a direct question, asking people if they were willing to leave the Republican Party since the Republican Party platform means nothing to a vast majority of the Republican candidates.

The same question could be applied to the Democrat Party as well. However, I simply asked about people’s willingness to drop affiliation with the Republican Party because Democrat candidates are more broadly inclined to follow their Party Platform than Republican office seekers. The reason is that the Democrat Party platform is really only licentiousness wrapped in the sheep’s clothing of liberty.

Best estimates suggest that there are between 47 million and 55 million Republicans nationwide. Democrats outnumber them at between 63 and 67 million. Here is the key point. Among democrats there are probably about 60,000,000 different views on issues. Among the maximum number of Republicans (say 55,000,000) there are about 75,000,000 different viewpoints on issues. The important thing is that Democrats are united in their diversity with no apparent rational consensus other than “Free drugs, free sex, and poor rock n roll.”

Republicans just fight with each other in the sandbox because the fight is more important than the outcome. And, we can add that they fight with each other because Democrats are shacked up on a lumpy mattress, next to a couple dozen half ingested lines, listening to “poor rock n roll.”

Republicans generally are self-deluded into thinking that if they keep the title…someday it will again have some meaning attached to it. That is highly, highly, unlikely as long as the Party leadership continues to rely on the “never-was,” “never-will-be,” political loud mouths like Karl Rove, who never had a successful campaign in his entire career…other than help to turn Republicans with large fortunes into Republicans with small fortunes. The Republican Party which your dad knew will never be known again. There are just too many John Boehners in it that will obstruct change.

OK, I have railed on the two major coffer counters long enough. I will wrap that segment by saying PARTISANSHIP WILL NEVER CURE THE CORRUPTION that exists in American politics.

The only cure is a call-out!

The national government must be confronted head-on and directly by “The People.” Parties, if they wish to survive (which is not essential), must heel to the populace…ALONG WITH THE NATIONAL GOVERNMENT.

The answer is Peaceful Civil Disobedience! WHY? Because every government in history has been faced with a dissatisfied citizenship. In the absence of a majority speaking up elected and appointed officials have always fallen to groveling before a small minority with loud tambourines.

In America today we the people must discover whether the national government will act as open oppressors, or, if it is willing to return to being a republic. That is the sole initial intent of a Peaceful Civil Disobedience populace.

What should we do?

  1. The first and foremost purpose of an ungoverned government is to seek out revenue. “Let’s see how we can take money from the people…and then find a place to spend it.” It says on paper currency of the United States of America that it is good for all debts public and private.

Step One; Cease to conduct any transactions except cash transactions.

  1. Elected officials rely on the predictability of partisan sheep following them; first to be sheered, and then to be made into lamb chops.

Step two; change your registration from partisan to non-partisan.

  1. You congressman claims to want to hear from you.

Step Three; Make the sacrifice of calling him or her at least three times per day requesting three specific things.

  1. Tell them you want them to cease the partisanship of the House by immediately removing John Boehner from leadership, and you want someone from outside the House to act as Speaker.
  2. Tell them want congress to direct the printing office to cease printing any new currency for six months.
  3. Tell them you want them to cease congressional authorization of any request of the President until he rescinds ALL Executive Orders.

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