The Iran Deal IS NOT the Last Best Option

September 11, 2001 is a date we shall remember for many years to come.

It is not simply a time slot on the calendar, it has become an event.

There is no need to detract from the melancholy of sadness associated with the date and events of nearly a decade and a half ago.

Yet, in the shadow of those fallen planes, buildings and lives our government appears to be erecting a new block to the sunlight of reason.

For months the Obama Administration has been working on the “Iran Deal” formally known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).

The JCPOA outlines how the world will be assured that Iran develops nuclear capabilities only for peaceful purposes.

Israel is suspect of the actual outcomes, along with massive numbers of conservatives in the United States.

Nuclear capability exists in a few nations of the world whom have demonstrated restraint in using that vast power destructively.

The Islamic Republic of Iran has never shown indications of such restraint; exactly the opposite has been the persona of their political and religious leaders.

The issue at the forefront is one of trusting whather Iran will change their centuries old demeanor, or, whether they will continue with their bellicose nature.

Nuclear proliferation is not the proper field in which to test their newly adopted proclamations of commitment to civilized interactions.

The Obama administration has been unable to effectively thwart the Iranian intent to build a nuclear bomb.

In that failure the administration has effectively “thrown in the towel” after the third round in a twelve round match, not because they have been knocked down but because they have been told they were knocked down… and they believe it.

Congress in like fashion has been slapped around by the Obama administration numerous times, and now believes that they too must be on the mat. They are not.

Much more can be done to move forward in preventing Iran’s intended development of a weapon of massive destruction, and Congress must act accordingly.

Quick acquiescence to a president seeking a legacy is insufficient cause for Congress to “take a knee” at his behest.

Thousands of American citizens went to their knees following September 11, 2001, but arose with a determination to make the nation and the world safe from terror.

It is incumbent upon this Congress and this president to follow through, not in acquiescence, but as leaders of the free world.


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