Commentary on Glenn Beck

There is a storm brewing around Glenn Beck​.  The distant rumble of thunder from several years of discord between Andrew Breitbart and Beck is darkening the skies immediately overhead.

Recently I have engaged in challenging Beck as disingenuous, with an even more recent acknowledgement of my error. (But, that is a different story).

In a Facebook post on 9/14/2015 Beck open a comment with these words, “Breitbart news. Are you this petty? Are you void of anything decent?

Answer: no. Just like last week when I said something stupid that I regretted, you have done the same.

How could you say “in his own words” and then make up a quote from me?

Those are your words not mine.”

The article to which it appears Beck was responding was dated September 14, 2015.  It was entitled “Glenn Beck in His Own Words: I’ll Save More People Than Schindler.”  Throughout the article that headline is the only place in which Breitbart News states that Glenn Beck used the phrase “I’ll Save More People Than Schindler.”

In fact Breitbart quoted Beck as saying “We can save more people by Christmas than Oscar Schindler saved.”

I think that the headline poorly reflected on Glenn Beck, as being self-serving or vain-glorying.  Clearly, the quote does not suggest either to be the case.  In fact, given the entire paragraph one could logically conclude that even the actual statement by Beck was taken out of context.

Now, having said that I also believe that Glenn Beck overreacted to the headline by Breitbart.  If any of you are like me you have read headlines that left you wondering “Where did that headline come from?”  Candidly, all media, including The Blaze (Beck’s publication), have written stories with weak or misleading headlines.

There is poor communication between Breitbart and Beck.

However, it is not just the headline of the headline that is relevant.  It is in fact the context of the story.

In the context of the story Beck’s quote says “We can save more people by Christmas than Oscar Schindler saved.”  Is that what he meant?  Would that be accomplished by Christmas.  That is approximately only 100 days.  Can that be achieved?

To put it in perspective, giving Schindler the benefit of extended accomplishment, that is more than 1500 people rescued (approximately how many Schindler actually rescued from the holocaust).  Is that possible in 100 days, given the fear mongering going on about bringing any refugees from Syria, whether they be Christian or not?

I’ll answer the question with my customary candor.  I don’t know.

But, one thing I do know.

If we do not try than we certainly will not be able to it, and we will never know if we could have.

In my calculated way of thinking that makes the effort worthwhile.

To quote from Beck’s response to the Breitbart article;

“Let’s save lives and our own souls. Together, with our readers and audience we, meaning all those within the sound of our combined voices, can save thousands.”

If our efforts save even one soul, one person, one child than our labors have not been in vain, and we surely will be blessed with the joy of knowing what we have accomplished…even if the world never knows.

That Is The Way I See It.


One thought on “Commentary on Glenn Beck

  1. The decades of irresponsible and unlawful migration across our southern border has angered and seared the national conscience of many Americans. They do not trust our government and fear more non vetted wholesale importation of unknown characters. I understand their angst.
    However, Beck has promised to fully vet these people and pay for this with contributions, not tax dollars.
    Although I have lost my enthusiasm of anything “Beck” over the years, he is right on this one. Our humanity screams for us to save these suffering people who are dying at the hands of people Obama has enabled. Their blood is on his hands.

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