Not just “NO” to Carly, but “Hell No!”

It is getting just down right stupid.  Nearly everyone is focused on Donald J. Trump​ in a negative manner.  Yet, not one of those damn fools running for president has anything positive to offer this nation.  People are peeing all over themselves about Carly, like children who have never been potty trained, when all she had to say is some dumb comment about her looks.  If you actually listen to what she said last night she didn’t say anything worthwhile.

We don’t need a person as president that can’t get pass her offense at what others said weeks ago. Anyone, even Hillary Clinton, knows that foreign leaders will say offensive things.  If Carly Fiorina can’t take the heat than YES, she should get out of  the kitchen.

Her only accomplishment so far in this race is tearing down Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.  That is very very pathetic.  Yet, jackasses across the nation are whining that Donald Trump only talks in platitudes.  Carly has said nothing, except “I hate …”

I for one am tired of the BS from idiots that think this just another thirty minute comedy hour.  Have you thought about the fact that Carly personally chose to kill jobs for over 30,000 American citizens, while now boasting that some jobs MUST be filled by foreign workers.

This woman is too dangerous to be president.  She WILL pick-up where Obama leaves off.  The Democrats know they have a loser in Hillary, but they won’t openly encourage Biden because they know they have Carly Fiorina to rely on.  Replacing Obama with Fiorina is like saying “let’s get rid of Harry Reid in favor Mitch McConnell, at least Mitch will screw the nation behind closed doors.”

That Is The Way I See It.


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