What Accounts For The Trump Stampede

I have listened to enough media pundits offer their views on why Donald J. Trump is stampeding to a Republican victory that I decided to offer my own thoughts.

One thing has bother me is how the media seeks to twist and manipulate the narrative.  Listening to Fox News election coverage tonight (2/23/2016) was all too revealing.  The predominant discussion was “how to stop Donald J. Trump.”

To me that is disingenuous for a media outlet.  They were advancing the idea of generating news rather than simply reporting it.  They were objectively attempting to stir-up a controversy.  I highlight FOX News because they are supposedly the one network that is generally sympathetic to the Republican Party.  Yet, they embraced the “let’s create a conflict” gambit.

Then they dragged in Karl Rove, one of their perpetual pundits.  Rove has a habit of hauling around a whites board to scribble numbers on and twist them to mean things which they simply don’t mean.  His actual success as strategist has been quite dismal (in 2012 he lost all the races he assisted).

In their pretended effort to analyze what is happening in the presidential race they actually fail.  They don’t provide insight into what is happening, but advocate strategies to keep the race as competitive for as long as possible.  I guess they fear that suddenly the world will run out of news, so they are into manufacturing it.

I believe more sound, although still hypothetical, analysis of why a candidate is doing well would actually help the public.  So, I offer my assessment of why Donald J. Trump is being so successful.

Donald Trump offers hope to a nation, if not the world, that is crying for stability.  Nearly everywhere we look chaos reigns.  Far to often that chaos is dancing on the threshold of a government bureaucratic doorstep.  As a population we are hoping for an opportunity to get around that chaos.

We are literally threatened on every border, and in some cases by our very own elected officials, with vicious attacks from terrorists.  Young men by the thousands strapped on their courage and took the fight to the offenders.  Today the message we hear from government is to back-down, open our borders, and pay terrorist states to “kill us…last.”  Donald Trump gets the sentiments of people seeking to clear the chaos.

His simple straight forward unapologetic massage is “Make America Great Again.”  The citizens of the United States are willing to crawl over broken glass just to grasp a weapon to defend this nation.  They want a president and congress that will say in essence “There will be no more broken glass promises on our watch!”

The pundits fully expected Donald J. Trump to be out of touch with the population because of his vast wealth.  They thought the public would see him as out of touch with us common folk.  The fact is that “us common folk” have a hope that one day we too may acquire the success that Donald Trump has achieved.  We don’t resent him we admire his skill.

Other candidates have acquired wealth, but have not demonstrated they really worked for it.  That is why we the people don’t see them as ringing true.  All the other candidates have ascended the steps to the electoral stage through the burden of “special interest funded campaigns.”  Millions have been raised by them.  Donald Trump has simply committed to fund his own campaign.  People appreciate that contrast, and are will to embrace it with the ballots.

Although the media wants the population to hate that, we actually love it.  We love the idea that a man is actually putting his own money where his mouth is.  Citizens of the USA cheer for achievers.  Donald J Trump is an achiever.

Lastly, and actually maybe most importantly, we want a candidate that see the best in us.  Donald J. Trump talks tough.  He hits hard.  So often the media gets the story wrong.  They say he condescending.  What they refuse to say is that so much more often he is expressing his appreciation.

Making America Great Again is not simply a campaign slogan.  Donald J. Trump demonstrates what greatness is.

The people recognize that greatness is not just the power over others.  We the people also intuitively know that greatness is the ability to empower others. 

Donald J. Trump gets that and says it.

The media, pundits, and his opponents don’t grasp, the way the public does, that Making America Great Again, is simply unleashing the power of our existing greatness.

That Is The Way I See It.


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