Selling Cars

Imagine, if you will, that you are shopping for a new car.

You go to several dealerships along  Auto Sales Drive.  You stop at one dealership and the salesman does his best to “make the sale.”

He shows off all the features, gives you the test drive, offers you a great price.  Yet, you are not convinced.  You share the following with the salesman:

“I was just across the street and salesman offer me all these same features and an even better price.  I am having a hard time making up my mind.”

The salesman, being well experienced, says the following:

“That is a pretty good dealership.  They offer reasonable deals.  Their management is topnotch.  However, their sales staff is quite new.”

He hesitates and gets a concerned look on his face.  He waits a bit longer, and then half looks away.  Finally he looks back at you, directly in the eye and says:

“I wonder if the salesman over there is aware of the latest safety tests report on that car…Doesn’t matter!  Let me tell you about this car you are looking at.  This car’s latest safety features include side door airbags.  It has a breathalyzer feature that you can turn-on  for your teenager’s safety.  It has the auto-notify feature to 911 in case of an accident where you can’t get to your phone.”

What you would have experienced is the “seed-of-doubt” sales pitch.  The salesman creates an unanswered pseudo-accusation about the other dealer.  Then he follows up with a hype about how his vehicle outsets the unverified suspicion.

Senator Ted Cruz, desperately wanting to win the Texas Primary and Republican nomination just did something interesting.

In essence he asked “should we wonder about Donald Trump’s mafia affiliations?  Is that why Donald Trump won’t release his tax filings?”

That is just another “seeds-of-doubt” sales pitch by Ted Cruz who has never really offered anything of substance beyond the standard pablum of political rhetoric.

That is why NO US Senator is supporting Ted Cruz.  He blows smoke and says there is a raging fire.  Not only is he ineligible to be president, he would also be unreliable as president.

That Is The Way I See It.



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