Transgender Bathrooms

Let me open by saying that I think transgender restrooms are an invitation to potential harm.  I oppose the concept.port a potty

With that out-of-the-way here is my analysis.

Governments generally overreach with their authority.  The central (national, federal, whatever you want to call it) government is the worst offender.  The politicians in office, be they Republican or Democrat, are the perpetrators of the offensiveness.

Hence, politicians should be constrained in their ability to impose their influence on much of what they do.  That includes writing laws regarding the use of restrooms.  It simply is not the business of government to mandate access to restrooms.  Politicians, and the governments they wield against the people, should no sooner be in the restroom than they should be in the bedroom.

Further, transgender restrooms have been around for a very long time in this country.  Politicians and their special interest financiers will not admit that, but it is a fact.  Additionally, there are literally hundreds of them throughout the USA.  The concept is nothing new.

Compounding the existence of co-ed crappers is the ever-present problem of public facilities not having any restrooms.  Go to a mall or factory outlet center.  There are many restaurants, but you must, in some cases, walk long distances simply to find a central secluded restroom to wash your hands.

In the mall closest to where I live the restroom is hidden down a series of halls.  Yes, there are the traditional gender specific restrooms at the end of the hideaway.  Yet, I would not want my daughters or wife to walk that distance alone.  Why, because the chance of attack is obviously greater.

Now, throughout the world (granted not the USA) there are areas where no public restrooms exist.  Some areas of South America are, by USA standards, embarrassingly absent of privacy.  Yet, necessity prevails.

Finally, does anyone actually believe that a an aggressor will not cross-dress in order to sneak into an opposite gender restroom in hopes of getting a quickie peak at someone elses privates?  It happens and no sign on the door prevents it.  Further, in today’s society where “anything goes” are your children any safer in a gender specific restroom, from homosexual stalkers than they are in transgender restrooms.

The argument is ridiculous and perpetuated by politicians willing to grasp onto any stupid idea that will get them noticed for minute.  Any politician that gives this matter a second’s worth of consideration does not deserve to be in office.  Yet, we will continue to elect these people who would sacrifice your liberty for their fame.

So, here is a viable solution which the “me too” politicians in the “Say Anything” Party might appreciate.  Federal funding would be required, which is their stock in corrupt legislation.  Restrooms should be provided as such:

Public toilets in a row
Public toilets in a row
  • Women’s room
  • Men’s room
  • cross-dresser’s room
  • Children of single women’s room
  • Children of single men’s room
  • Gay men’s room
  • Gay women’s room
  • Children of Gay men’s room
  • Children of gay women’s room
  • Polygamist women’s room
  • Polygamist men’s room
  • Male children of polygamist room
  • Female children of polygamist room
  • Self-identified cross-dresser’s room
  • Politician’s room

That should cover most scenarios…at least temporarily.  Yet, we do have politicians that will spend hours trying to create one more class of special interest to give them their own restroom.

I am going to be mildly crude here (cover your eyes).  There is no need for a bunch of politicians that are full of shit telling us where to crap.

That Is The Way I See It.


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