Utah “Conservatives” are Confusing

So called conservatives in Utah are confusing.

Constitution On the one hand many of them say they are very strong advocates of the US Constitution.  Yet, their behavior seems so different.  I personally don’t think many of them actually know much about the US Constitution beyond knowing it is the quaint and appropriate thing to support…as a Republican.

First and foremost the Utah Republican Party platform does not adhere to the US Constitution as adopted.  So, to claim to be Republican and an advocate of the Constitution is actually counter intuitive…if one understands both.  One is placed above the other, and I believe they habitually place the Party above the Constitution.

Of course the easiest argument for them to make is that they will reform the Republican Party and bring it back to Constitutional principles.  How is that working out for them?  With the notable exception of a few which can be counted on one hand the significant and dominate leadership of the Republican Party lean decidedly contrary to the Constitution.  That is a situation which is expanding not diminishing.  Again, how is that partisan repentance thing working out?

Now, the next situation I want to comment on is the actual content of the US Constitution.  Nine of the thirteen original colonies approved the Constitution with provisos that substantive changes needed to be changed.  f_betsy.gif Even with the well-oiled machine of the Federalist dominating the discourse during the ratification it was the Anti-Federalists that actually prevailed in raising a voice loud enough to cause those nine colonies to ratify with provisos.

The question that should really be asked is whether some of our more verbose conservatives are “federalists” or “anti-federalists.”  James Madison, Father of the Constitution, was very decidedly Federalist.  That means he wanted a much stronger national/central government.  My Utah conservative friends tout him as a small government guy.  Not So much!  But then those crazy anti common core kids also get hyped up on Thomas Jefferson.  Jefferson was one of the strongest advocates for nationalized education.img_5878

Now, lest anyone accuse me of defaming the early fathers of our nation please withhold judgement.  I am not critical of them.  I think that they were among the best and wisest men ever to live.  Yet, they had different viewpoint based in understanding.  I personally don’t see that in our generation.  I see uninformed hype for a 30 second soundbite.

Moving on.  These same conservatives hyped on hyperbole bray about how Ted Cruz is the savior of the Republican Party, if not the nation…or even the world.  He has stated unequivocally that Dr. Carson, Senator Rubio, and Governor Kasich should drop out of the presidential race BECAUSE THERE WAS NO PATH TO VICTORY ON THE FIRST BALLOT.  Now he finds himself in that position and his criteria suddenly does not apply.  One day he is ready to strap John Kasich to the mast of his Cruz ship, and the next day he is snuggling up to him like he’s the captain of the Queen Mary.

The point is that Senator Ted Cruz is inconsistent.  “Lyin Ted” may just be a little too soft of a depiction of his character.  Yet, those unstudied wordsmiths of conservatism still hang on his every word.  It is one thing to hang together to avoid hanging separately…if based on INFORMED views.  It is an entirely different stupidity to kick dirt in Judge Roy Bean’s scrambled eggs, just for fun.

If the Constitutional Conservatives can’t support Donald J. TrumpTrump2, which they should, than wisdom would dictate that “as true believers” they would embrace the Constitution Party Candidate for president.  Afterall, he is actually a Natural Born Citizen.

That Is The Way I See It.


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