Size DOESN’T Matter!

I listened to Rush Limbaugh braying on his radio show this morning.  As he pretended, for the sake of dollars, to be objective he was softly endorsing Ted Cruz’s hopeless attempt to become president in 2017.

One of the deceits that “El Rusbo” was promoting was his lame attempt to undermine the credibility of Coach Bobby Knight.  Limp Limbaugh was subtly making fun of Coach Knight says he didn’t know what a conservative was.  Of course, as is the case with most of the microphone mouths of public radio, Rush ridiculed without actually offering any insight.

So, what is a “conservative?”  I ask that sincerely, because my perspective of them is that they are a group of sour Archie Bunkers.  They bellow their bellicose hatred but seldom deliver on substance.  Senator Ted Cruz is an excellent example.  Since January he has said virtually nothing about what he would do.  He has offered no specific plan.  Either he has been echoing Donald Trump or trying to piss in Donald’s breakfast cereal.  But, he offers nothing.

So, let me give my perspective on the “conservative” rhetoric.

One of the hyped hooplas of this special breed of haters is “We need smaller government.”  What does that even mean beyond the rhetoric?

The size of the central government is only a reflection of how it seeks to impose the will of a special interest on the liberty of the general interest.  A reflection, nothing more.  Conservatives like Ted Cruz are no more devoid of turning to the central government to impose his will than Barack Obama or John Boehner.

Let’s take a look at one issue: Immigration.

The answer which Cruz and company shallowly promote is that every immigrant should be deported by force.  In his mindset the federal government has an obligation to round-up and deport all immigrants.

What this translates into is that the central government must become the police state, armed to the gills to identify and deport.  That should not be the role of the federal government.

The central government should establish naturalization policies that make sense rather than simply making a special interest group happy.  Those policy then become the obligation of the states to enforce.

[Please do not mistake that the last paragraph is suggesting the states are subservient to the national government in all things.  For me to suggest such a thing would be directly counter to what I am actually saying.]

The central government should not be running programs that provide benefits to non-citizen immigrants.  None!  Once states establish enforcement of national limited specific immigration policies then states, through the voice of the people, should decide on any supplemental actions/benefits.

The “size-matters” conservatives scream for national attention, regulation, enforcement.  They do not offer solid ideas to reduce the encroachment of the national government into US Constitutionally protected rights of the states.

That is the difference between conservative noise makers like Senator Ted Cruz and true Conservatives like Donald Trump.  “How so,” some may ask?  Isn’t Donald Trump the one swearing to build a wall?”

That is a valid question, although rather simplistic.

While the senator from Texas panders to emotionalism Donald Trump actually responds with suggestions to reduce the imposition of national bureaucracy.  Trump’s idea that a wall must be built is because the flood of illegal immigrants into the USA.  His consistent caveat is that the foreign government will pay the cost.

That is actually excellent reductionist theory.  Not a focus on size, but a focus on reduction of imposition…which is the real issue.

Size Does Not Matter, anywhere near as much as the scope of imposition.  Which is where the focus should be in all central government actions.

That Is The Way I See It.


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