Hillary and Justice

Upon the seal of the US Attorney-General is the phrase

Qui Pro Domina Justitia Sequitur

who prosecutes on behalf of justice (or the Lady Justice).”

In its origin, in English Law, the phrase was translated to mean “who prosecutes for our Lord, the King (or, Lady the Queen.)”  Queen Elizabeth when first presented with Sir Edward Coke (perhaps the greatest jurist in English history) corrected the Lord Treasurer.

“It should be, Attorney-General who prosecutes for our Lady the Truth.”  Subsequently, it came to mean Lady Justice, the representation of final truth.

Lady Justice, the symbol of justice on many courthouses worldwide, is depicted in many fashions.  Adulterated over the centuries to meet particular special interest I appeal to one of the first from her origin, the Roman.

Lady Justice atop the Palace of Justice in Rome.

We generally think of three aspects of Lady Justice; Her scales of Justice, Her sword of Justice and her blindness to the perversion of justice.  Hence, the scales, sword and blindfold in many depictions. HK_Central_Statue_Square_Legislative_Council_Building_n_Themis_s

There is much more to her than these three items.  As recent as a century ago every aspect of art provided a grandly elegant statement in and of itself.  That is why art must be studied in nuance.  Lady Justice is no exemption.

  1. The scales accurately depict the sense that all evidence is weighed in the same scale, with the final balance bowing low to innocence or guilt.
  2. The blindfold suggest that Justice does not see the  injurious influence of fear or favor to class or privilege.  When the blind is removed all that remains is the tilt of the scale.
  3. The sword is doubled-sided it metes out with every swing punishment and protection with equal sharpness.

However, are there more subtleties to the image of Lady Justice?

  1. Notice her clothing, in most depictions.  Contrary to many statues of ancient Greece and Rome, which displayed the naked form, Lady Justice is most frequently fully robed.  True Justice is not corrupted subject to the depravities of a thousand forms of lust.  Justice is modest and appealed to for wisdom, not a form of worldly salaciousness.
  2. Seated to her right is daughter Dike also known as Justice and Peace.  To her left is Eunomia (Lawful Government) Lady Justice holds the law, to be defended, in her left hand behind Eunomia.  Remarkably, to our potential surprise, is the depiction of Justice at the Tehran Courthouse in Tehran, Iran. Justice_Statue_Iran  I will not go into the subtleties of that depiction, but leave that to you with an encouragement to look closely at the garb of all the characters.
  3. One last thing which I will point out in the Palace of Justice statue.  Lady Justice peers intently straight ahead.  Her gaze is steady, direct, and undistracted.  Neither power, prestige, prominence nor pecuniary benefit divert her from her from her sacred duty.

Now, who would I be if not ready with my own quips about justice.  Indeed, the very title of this article is Hillary and Justice.

There is a phrase that youth is wasted on the young.  I would coin another phrase that history is wasted on the old.  Our society has rejected history for the wisdom of tested and untested hypotheses of the young.

As one professor once told me, “We are foolish.  We think we are committing new sins.  Every sin has been committed before and probably better.”

There is nothing new or original in the conduct of Hillary Clinton, AG Lynch, Barack Obama, or even FBI Director Comey.  They are as children not quite weaned from the delicacies of deceit.  They have and are making a mockery of Justice.  They are shattering statutes of meaning into the rubble of meanness.

They dress in the immodesty of idle pandering.  Beside them sit the twins of greed and dominance.  Where once sat the dexter side of Justice is now an empty seat, while they play musical chairs on the sinister side.

The sword of Justice no longer swing in defense nor punishment…but rather is used to drive truth from the steps of justice.

They do not set their eyes firmly on justice.  Yet, instead those potentates of power see only the glitter of false gold before them wrapped in the mantle unworthiness.

Anyone who still ascended to the throne of Justice with an idea that it may be found in the likes of Hillary Clinton and the “powers that be” will ultimately be frustrated.




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