Why Not Hillary.

The role of the President under the Constitution of the United States of America is almost exclusively to be the senior ambassador and commander-in-chief of the military.

The president’s role in domestic matters under the Constitution is very limited.

With those facts in mind our interest in electing a president should revolve around the extent to which the next president is capable and willing to be the senior ambassador for the United States. [Of course if your perspective is to reject the original intent of the Constitution there is no need to read further because we will be in a non-productive disagreement].

  1. A fact is that Hillary Clinton was a failure as Secretary of State worldwide.  In particular she became so disrespected in the Middle East that she served no useful purpose at the end of her tenure as SoS.  In the Middle East a woman in authority has a dynamically difficult challenge to “prove” herself among the male dominated power culture.  She became completely disregarded because of her inability meet that challenge!
  2. Another fact is that Hillary Clinton did not possess the skill set to generate respect from European and Asian regions.  She simply could not deliver a rational proposal.  Now, to be fair, her particular failing in this realm was due in part to an incompetent president (Barack Obama).  His inexperience, naivete, and administrative insecurity contributed to her dilemma.
  3. Her health issues which everyone has heard more than they wish to hear about reflect her future role as president.  Hillary for the past three years has demonstrated a secluded attitude and aptitude for public interaction.  This has been extraordinarily present during this campaign year.
    1. The speculation is that her health is much more severe than acknowledged.  Candidly, only she and her doctor know for sure.
    2. However, a top principle in hiring is “past performance is a predictor of future performance” there is just reason for all citizens to be concerned regarding restrains on her ability to perform the duties of President of the United States of America as outlined in the Constitution.

In all likelihood Hillary Clinton lacks the aptitude and physical presence to do the primary duty of the president.  She will not be able to represent the United States on the world stage.  In that failure our nation will fall even further behind other national powers as an influence in the global arena.  The timing is terrible for her to be president.

That is The Way I See It.


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