Has Congress Lost Its Relevance

Today my wife and I stopped at a restaurant for lunch.  The TV was on one of the news  channels.  A congressional hearings with Jeff Sessions was being broadcast.

I listened as one member droned on and on with a long-winded speech leading up to a question.  Of course he had fashioned the question along the lines of “Are you still beating your wife?”  The upshot of it all was that a member of Congress was using his position for illegitimate reasons.

This is no longer unusual, but customary.  Member of Congress, state legislators, even some local officials use these opportunities of public hearings to promote an agenda rather than seeking after facts.  The Way I See It that is irresponsible and boorish.  But it is worse.

Another example was just a few days ago.  Senator John McCain was sourly chastised by the media and a few of his self-serving comrades in the senate for his questioning of former FBI Director Comey.  I like to go back to the source on these matters knowing that the media and members of Congress can be less than honest.

Additionally, I am no longer the fan of John McCain that I once was.  In fact I believe he is seriously detrimental to the governing process in America.  Nothing convinces me that he was ever a “hero” in Viet Nam.  My preference would be for him to be removed from the US Senate forthwith haste.

Yet, for all of my displeasure with Senator McCain I also consider myself to be at least moderately fair.  I listened to the exchange between the senator and Mr. Comey.  Senator McCain pontificated like the other 99 lost sheep in the upper chamber.  Yet, once his rambling was set behind him he ask cogent question sand it appeared to me that Mr. Comey was severely disingenuous in his responses.  the Arizona Senator called him out on being a phony (not in so many words…because that would unbefitting of a sitting US Senator…on national TV).  I agreed with McCain.  Something was rotten, not in Denmark or even Russia, but right here in the good old US government’s former FBI Director.

But here is the main point senators and House member alike misuse their power and their role for self applause and pontificating rhetoric.  They talk much and say nothing.  I believe there is something sort of like that in the Bible where the phrase I remember is “They think they shall be heard for their much speaking.”

Now, I will go to a point just a bit further.  Not only should these self-congratulators get to the point with their questions, such as “Secretary Sessions, were you aware of any complicity within the current administration?  Don’t waste my time, YES or NO?”

However, that is simply a procedural solution.  It still misses the real target.

” One heads east an one heads west, Though ever the same wind blows;

For it’s not the gale, but the set of the sail That determines the way she goes.”

The real target, contrary to some folks, is that Congress should not even be holding these hearings, which are a waste of time and money.  Determining criminality of one branch of the federal government is the venue of the Supreme Court, alone.  No, it is not as sexy as your congressman bragging about how he pontificated for hours but it is the correct way of doing things.

“But, the Supreme Court is too busy.  Congress must do this sort of preliminary investigation” some may bellow (especially the self-servers of media caviar in Congress).

Here is a thought.  Have the Supreme Court do its constitutionally described job and stop diddling around with abortion, school lunches and bathrooms, healthcare and a slew of other nonsensical issues it entertains itself with because it fears actually doing its real job.

So there you have it kids.

That is The Way I See It.


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