Definitive Russian Collusion

Dear Friends:

Occasionally a close friend of mine seeks a platform to share his knowledge. Following is an expose, on the “Russian Collusion,” as observed by my friend.  Please read it carefully and take it to heart.  Thank you Jonathan Swift for your insight and courageous display.

Since being legitimately elected President of the United States of America Donald Trump has been under investigation for Russian Collusion.  We may discount the FACT that far more evidence exist of the Clinton Russian Collusion than for any Trump Russian Collusion.

As a long time supporter of Donald Trump, who was very very pleased by his legitimate election, I now step forward with a confession regarding collusion.

I am diabetic dependent on constant blood sugar readings and insulin injection.  Day after day for years I have been subjected to needles insertions to run those tests or inject insulin.  It has been terrible, to say the least.

Well a miracle occurred on both fronts.  Donald Trump was elected president, AND, one of the big pharma companies invented a monitoring device for blood sugar.

The monitoring device means that I only need to inject one needle every ten days and then read my blood sugar levels fifty times per day if I want to.  A very serious improvement.  There is a downside.

The new monitoring device must be changed every ten days.  Once it has been changed there is a several hour delay process while the monitor calibrates to my blood sugar levels.  Still substantially better than the old finger stick method every couple of hours.

Yet, there is a relationship between Russian Collusion and the new monitor.

The development of the monitor was completely funded by secret Russian financial interests.  Initially, their objective was to simply monitor how Americans health was generally.  But like every conspiracy minded state they quickly expanded it.

The new monitor records the data and stores it “on-board.”  Then every ten days the data is transmitted, via satellite to a secret data retrieval system housed in three site around the nation (one is right here in Utah).  The data is then secretly passed to the Russians through another secret channel controlled by none other than Donald Trump…PERSONALLY.

But the collusion does not end there.  The device also has the ability to reverse the process.  Russians can secretly download information into the monitoring device.  Once the information is downloaded into the device it is circulated through the blood stream.

In 2016 the Russians downloaded mind-altering information to the millions of American citizens.  The altered information was instructions that they were to vote for Donald Trump for president.  There is no other reason, besides potential incompetence and undeniable corruption, that Hillary would have been defeated.

Imagine the influence this must have.  Over 1.5 million Americans are diagnosed with diabetes every year.  The numbers are almost as staggering as the number of people associated with the Clintons, that have died unexpectedly.

Most recently, through highly sophisticated program description, I was able to “hack” the incoming data from the Russians.  Over the past several months they have been downloading secret subtle messages that Americans should not trust Mueller, and several other Deep State operatives.  Hence, there is a growing mistrust for the incompetent and unnecessary special prosecutor.  The evidence it there, people.  The evidence is there.

Beware!!  Your liberty no longer belongs to you, but to the Russians.

Modestly submitted,

Jonathan Swift


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