This blog, WWWJR’s Political Commentary, is a forum for expressing opinions regarding political issues and candidates (Bet you couldn’t have guessed that from the title).  It was started in 2008 during the John McCain/Barack Obama presidential election.  Most of my post in those early days supported John McCain, the Republican nominee.

Since this blog began years ago it has gradually transformed.  For instance, after many rants about the damage Barack Obama is doing to the nation, I finally moved on.  In 2011 I spent considerable time developing unofficial (and unbiased) candidate pages regarding the St. George City Council race.  One issue seemed to grab the headlines for a a short period, so I conducted an in depth analysis of the facts behind the issue (with extraordinary assistance from St. George city employees) and posted that here for residents to examine.  I also personally host a meet-the-candidate forum, which with just minor bragging turned out to be very enjoyable and enlightening.

One transition for this blog was a series of online debates between supporters of 2012 presidential candidates.  The format was somewhat formal, and was also intended to be informative.  Not only did the debaters present their arguments (limited wordage for those less inclined to read lengthy stuff), but readers were also able to voice comments about the debates.  Civility prevailed!

The blog has come full circle to expressing political viewpoints.  Your views are welcome.


5 thoughts on “About

  1. Bill, I would come to this site and if you start it let me know and I will put it on my favorites so I can get to it easier. Let me know for sure if this will be the address and I will add it. I always liked your comments and usually agree with them so please let me know

  2. This info on St George candidates is a real public service — thank you
    Regarding the endorsements page — it may be my eyes or my monitor but I cannot read the comments in blue. Red is OK

    1. Thanks, Curtis. I recently changed the blog format for all pages and overlooked the effect it would have on this page. I have changed all the endorsements to red. Thanks again.

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