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Here is the subject at hand to get started. This was published in The Spectrum on May 8, 2013 as a Writer’s Group article.

Ambulance ruling appears too vague

On March 2, Dr. David Patton, executive director Utah Department of Health, issued a ruling that stated “the Department hereby enters this Final Order and

grants the Gold Cross applications, effective May 1, 2013.

In short, that ruling set about the collapse of one private business, Dixie Ambulance, by replacing it with Gold Cross to serve the St. George community. That ruling was based on various hearings and reports. Ample documentation presumably exists in the files to justify that ruling, in the eyes of Dr. Patton.

Regardless of good intentions, when a government agency decides to substantially destroy a private economic venture it ought first to keep in mind the words of the Declaration of Independence “Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes.” Likewise, government should not change, for light and transient causes, businesses long established.

The order signed by Dr. Patton occasionally questions the veracity of representatives of Dixie Ambulance, “Mr. Randall … testified … St. George Dispatch only gives its times in minutes. The truth of this assertion is questionable.” The veracity of the final order is equally suspect.

To this reader, the final order appears like a ruling in search of evidence and justification.

On one hand, Mr. Randall is dismissed as being vague. Yet, on the other hand, equally vague rationalization is presented in the ruling. In the game of bridge, there is a cliché that states, “A peek is as good as a finesse.” Perhaps in the realm of state sanctioned rulings, over a community business, “A wink is as good as a cause.”

Now, I am more familiar with conflicts of interest laws in California than here in Utah. In that state, they are serious and stringent. Sen. Steve Urquhart has championed Gold Cross inappropriately. He had a conflict of interest. On his blog, he has suggested that Dixie Regional Medical Center complained about Dixie Ambulance. Yet, his Senate page says he sits on the board of DRMC. As of today, the DRMC website does not list him on their board. Further, funding for the Utah Department of Health is approved by the Senate. How does a rational person not think there is fire when the smoke is clearly in view?

It appears to this writer that a hasty decision was made by an unduly influenced state agency. An investigation ought to be conducted by the state into this entire matter. This community would like to know for certain that the Department of Health worked diligently “with” rather than “against” Dixie Ambulance prior to driving them over the cliff. If they did not, it would appear a state agency was influenced by a state senator’s crusade.

In the paraphrased words of William Jennings Bryan, “Do not crucify mankind upon a Gold Cross.”


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